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Railroad Signal Maintainer and Signalman Injuries in Ohio

Signal maintainers and signalmen are essential parts of the railroad system throughout the country. These workers ensure that the trains run correctly and safely, but they are also subject to serious challenges. The railroad industry is a dangerous place to work, and signalmen are among those at risk of severe injury on the job. Injuries to signal maintainers can be life-threatening and leave those that survive with physical limitations for the remainder of their life. Benefits and compensation are available to injured workers; however, obtaining these benefits may be difficult. An Ohio lawyer with experience in railroad signal maintainer and signalman injuries could help maximize an injured worker’s potential benefits.

Signal Maintainer and Signalman Injuries

Injuries often result due to the dangerous work signal workers perform and the dangerous places they work. Due to the many hazards, there can be several different causes of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

How Do Signal Maintainer and Signalman Injuries Occur?

The job duties of signal maintainers and signalmen include working in dangerous situations to ensure that the railroad and train run safely. Some of the potential causes of injuries occur due to electrical equipment, train crashes, slip and falls, and equipment malfunctions. In addition, the toxic substances and fumes these railroad maintainers may be exposed to can cause occupational diseases.

The potential list of causes of injuries to signal workers is significant and can result in liability for railroad employers under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA). A seasoned Ohio attorney in railroad signal maintainer and signalman accidents could help evaluate an injured individual’s case to determine an employer’s potential liability.

Common Injuries

Railroads operate at all times of day, so the signal workers must work in many adverse conditions, including rain and snowstorms, severe heat, and late at night. Additionally, their job duties center on the construction, installation, and maintenance of railway signal devices, which expose them to the hazards of working on and near the tracks.

The common types of injuries for signalmen vary significantly based on the work that the workers are performing. For instance, workers may have to perform electrical work, requiring walking on an uneven rail or walkways. In addition, signalmen and signal maintainers work with heavy machinery and equipment to lift and set up the signals and dig and bury the lines.

Due to the serious nature of a signal employee’s work, any damages sustained have the potential to be substantial. It may be possible to seek monetary compensation through a FELA claim; however, pursuing a claim without legal representation could put any recovery at risk.

Compensation for Injured Signal Maintainers and Signalmen

The seriousness of injuries to signal workers permits extensive recovery for damages under FELA if injured individuals qualify for the benefits. Any signalman or maintainer suffering a permanent injury or illness on the job may be permitted to collect damages. It is important to note that a FELA claim can pass to a signal worker’s surviving family members according to 45 United States Code § 59.

One significant benefit provided under FELA is for medical expenses that are related to the injury or disease. Other common damages available under FELA may include:

  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Compensation for permanent and long-term injuries and disabilities
  • Compensation for disfigurement
  • Training for work in another occupation or employment retraining
  • Pain and suffering

The amount of damages under FELA varies drastically based on the circumstances of each case. In addition, the amount of fault of the injured individual may decrease the overall award of damages, so a railroad signal worker lawyer in Ohio could assist in seeking full compensation.

How a Signal Maintainer and Signalman Injury Attorney Could Help

Signal workers hold essential responsibilities in the operation of railroads, including the installation and maintenance of signal devices used to communicate between train crews. For that reason, these workers must work in dangerous conditions to ensure the job is complete. An attorney experienced in railroad signal maintainer and signalman injuries in Ohio could be by your side throughout the fight for the compensation you deserve for your on-the-job injuries. Call for an injury case evaluation today.

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