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ARLA Lawyers

When choosing a law firm to handle your railroad injury claim, it is important to choose a firm whose lawyers belong to the Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys (ARLA). ARLA is a professional association of plaintiffs’ attorneys whose practice focuses on the representation of injured railroad workers and their families under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA). ARLA was founded more than three decades ago to preserve and protect the FELA and provide unparalleled resources and continuing legal education to its member attorneys so that they may offer top-quality representation to injured railroad workers.

Why Work With a Member of the Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys (ARLA)?

Today, ARLA remains faithful to its original mission by maintaining a close-knit community of FELA trial attorneys that share invaluable FELA-specific educational resources. ARLA’s objectives, as drafted at its inception, exemplify the core values of its members:

  • to promote safe working conditions and standards for railroad employees;
  • to promote a system of full and adequate compensation for injured railroad workers by maintaining the FELA, which provides for trial by jury;
  • to promote the rendering of whatever aid, comfort, or assistance may be required by injured railroad employees and their families;
  • to provide educational opportunities for attorneys who are members of the association;
  • to promote and maintain high standards of professional ethics, competency, and demeanor in the bench and bar;
  • to promote and protect those employees who voice safety concerns by supporting FRSA Whistleblower protection

Contact an ARLA Lawyer at Doran & Murphy Today

At Doran & Murphy, these objectives form the foundation of our practice and we are proud to support a like-minded community of FELA trial attorneys through a long-standing and active membership in ARLA. One of the organization’s great strengths has been its ability to bring FELA practitioners together to share information and, in turn, ensure maximum compensation for railroad workers and their families. If you are a railroad worker that has been injured on the job or has developed cancer as a result of toxic exposures on the railroad, be sure to contact a law firm that has the honor of counting its lawyers as members of ARLA.

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