Railroad Switching Injury Lawyer

Switching operations present some of the most dangerous situations when it comes to railroad injuries. There are often many variables moving at the same time during switching, and a single mistake can have devastating consequences. Additionally, there are also significant risks of exposure that stem from the switching process.

If you are dealing with an illness or injury resulting from switching operations, a dedicated railroad injury attorney might be able to help. Pursuing claims for compensation under these circumstances can be challenging without the guidance of a railroad switching injury lawyer.

Common Switching Hazards

While accidents can happen, many switching injuries result from an avoidable error. In many cases, the failure of the railroad to follow proper safety protocol could be to blame. The largest contributing factor to switching injuries is close clearance. When train lines are in close proximity to obstructions like poles or walls, nearby railroad workers face a greater risk of injury.

Slips and falls are also a common cause of switching injury. These falls might occur in the path of a moving train, or they could involve a worker falling from a train and suffering an injury due to the impact.

Other accidents occur when workers attempting to switch out trains to an alternate line are injured when they are struck by a mainline train. Other injuries could result from faulty equipment, motor vehicle collisions, and unsecured cars.

Harmful Exposure During Switching Operations

Physical injuries are not the only hazard that can come with switching operations. Workers that spend long hours during switching operations are also frequently exposed to harmful chemicals and gasses for extended periods of time.

This type of exposure is frequently overlooked in the context of railroad switching, given how serious the accidents can be. Unfortunately, many workers involved in switching operations are exposed to dust and diesel smoke for extended periods of time. These exposures have been linked to mesothelioma and other cancers, and should be taken seriously.

As is the case with severe injuries, compensation could be available for anyone facing chronic illness caused by exposure to harmful chemicals. A railroad switching injury attorney could help with the pursuit of compensation for these chronic issues.

Pursuing Compensation for Switching Injuries

Financial compensation could be available to railroad workers that suffer switching injuries on the job. This compensation comes through a federal law known as the Federal Employer’s Liability Act. Also known as FELA, this law works in a similar manner to a state-operated workers’ compensation system. Like a workers’ compensation case, a claim under FELA is possible no matter who was at fault for the accident.

The compensation for railroad switching injuries can be extensive. A successful claim could provide an injured worker with compensation for the cost of past and future medical care. Given the potential severity of these injuries, these costs can be high. Other examples include:

  • Permanent or temporary disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of future earning power
  • Lost wages
  • Mental suffering

The injuries common with this type of accident can be life-altering. Thankfully, a lawyer experienced with railroad switching claims could provide much-needed legal advice.

Contact a Railroad Switching Injury Attorney Right Away

If you suffered a work-related illness or injury during a railroad switching operation, you might be entitled to compensation. By filing a FELA claim, you could recover benefits no matter who was at fault for your accident. Pursuing these benefits can be complex, especially if you attempt to do it on your own. Call now to learn how a railroad switching injury lawyer could help.

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