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Railroad Colon Cancer Lawyer

The railroad industry has long been considered one of the most dangerous in the United States, but only recently are doctors realizing the full extent of the danger. Besides the potential for horrific accidents, railroad workers face a high risk of developing potentially fatal illnesses such as colon cancer caused by exposure to hazardous substances, like asbestos and diesel exhaust, in the workplace. Railroad workers suffering from colon cancer are advised to consult an experienced railroad colon cancer lawyer even if they no longer work around trains and the exposure occurred many years ago. A knowledgeable railroad injury attorney who understands the connection between colon cancer and working conditions in the railroad industry could analyze a worker’s situation to determine whether it is possible to pursue a claim for damages to make up for past effects and provide for future needs.

Compensation Could Offset a Variety of Factors

In order to recover compensation for damages, a railroad colon cancer lawyer will have to demonstrate that the railroad company was negligent. An award of monetary damages cannot replace the days lost to the illness or restore a worker’s lost health. However, receiving compensation can reduce worries for the future for a worker and family. Moreover, requiring an employer to acknowledge responsibility for a debilitating illness like colon cancer can provide a measure of justice.

A railroad worker with colon cancer could receive damages to cover past medical bills and future medical needs. The worker may also receive compensation to make up for lost wages in the past and future, and the cost of caregivers. Additionally, an employee could also recover substantial compensation to make up for effects such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and other factors.

Colon Cancer Caused by Conditions in the Railroad Industry

Workers in the railroad industry are exposed to toxic substances like asbestos and diesel exhaust regularly. In many cases, employers knew of the risks and failed to invest in equipment that could have protected workers from the increased risk of contracting illnesses such as colon cancer. Although railroads could have taken precautions to limit exposure to its workers, in most cases, they did not.

How Can Workers Be Exposed to Asbestos?

Asbestos has been used to insulate pipes in buildings where railroad workers spent much of their time, as well as in locomotives and other work environments. Engineers, for instance, would often rest their feet on wrapped pipes, and the friction would release asbestos into the air to be inhaled by anyone in the cab.

Is Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Dangerous?

Diesel exhaust exposure is part of the job in the railroad industry.  Whether alongside the railroad tracks or inside a locomotive cab, diesel exhaust can be hazardous to the health of railroad workers. Exhaust fumes entering a locomotive cab may even be a violation of federal safety regulations.

Asbestos and diesel exhaust are just two of the many substances linked to colon cancer. Exposure to the components of some solvents, metal-working fluids, and pesticides have also been shown to elevate the risk of developing colon cancer. A knowledgeable railroad colon cancer lawyer could demonstrate how someone’s job exposed them to substances known to cause colon cancer. A railroad shop worker may suffer due to exposure to welding fumes or asbestos while a maintenance of way worker could have contracted cancer due to exposure to weed killers with Imazethapyr or Dicamba. Colorectal cancer may be linked to these exposures even if you were a cigarette smoker or had other risk factors for the disease.

Consult a Railroad Colon Cancer Attorney Today

Colon cancer can have devastating effects on the body, particularly when there is a delay in diagnosing the condition. If you are suffering from colorectal cancer and you worked in the railroad industry, you owe it to yourself and your family to learn about your options for recovering compensation.

An experienced railroad colon cancer lawyer could help you pursue a claim in court under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act or FELA. Employees suffering from colon cancer caused by on-the-job conditions in the railroad industry have a limited amount of time to file a claim. The law requires suits to be filed within three years of the time the worker was diagnosed with cancer or should have known of the cancer’s relationship to work on the railway.  A knowledgeable railroad colon cancer injury attorney can determine when that three-year period begins to run. Call now to find out how an attorney could help protect your rights and your future.

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