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Ohio Railroad Cancer Lawyer

Working for a railroad company comes with many obvious dangers. Many of these employees work around heavy machinery, where a simple malfunction can result in debilitating physical injuries. However, many internal health hazards can also come from working on the railroad. One prominent example of this idea is the high rate of cancer. Railroad employment subjects employees to exposure to toxic chemicals and hazardous substances that are known carcinogens. If you or a loved one were exposed to hazardous toxins while working on the railroad and were diagnosed with cancer, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your damages. An Ohio railroad cancer lawyer could help you hold reckless and careless railroad companies accountable for their actions. An experienced railroad injury attorney can help to link the diagnosis to time spent on the job and pursue employers for appropriate compensation.

Factors Connecting Railroad Work to Cancer | Speak With a Lawyer for Help

For over one hundred and fifty years, Ohio companies have relied on railroads to move their goods and products around the nation. However, railroads have never been a green industry in the modern sense of the word. While most railroad engines have eschewed coal power for modern diesel, the potential health hazards for employees remain substantial.

Exposure to diesel fumes significantly increases the chances of a person contracting cancer. The American Cancer Society links diesel fume exposure to malignant cancers in the lungs, stomach, and bladder.

Is Creosote Hazardous?

Another hazardous substance that may affect railroad workers is creosote. Creosote is a naturally occurring byproduct of heat treatments used to cure railroad ties or other wood products. Railroad track lain throughout Ohio is coated in this substance. Exposure to creosote can increase the chances of a person developing skin cancer when this substance touches a person’s skin. A knowledgeable Ohio railroad cancer attorney could help to connect a person’s cancer diagnosis to their time spent working on the railway.

Seeking Fair Compensation for Injuries

Once a worker is able to connect their cancer diagnosis to their time spent on the job, they are able to pursue a claim for compensation. However, railroad employees must take a different legal path than many other workers. Normally, workers are protected through the use of workers’ compensation insurance policies. The railroad industry is exempt from workers’ compensation schemes.

How Does FELA Help Railroad Workers?

The Federal Employers Liability Act, or FELA, grants workers the ability to sue their employers in state or federal courts. To prevail in these claims, a worker must prove that their employer was negligent in allowing exposure to these toxic substances. A skilled Ohio railroad cancer attorney could help to meet this legal burden.

An attorney could also help to pursue a claim for its proper value. While most non-railroad workers get workers compensation payments regardless of negligence on the part of the employer, they usually don’t receive damages for pain and suffering.  Railroad workers can. Most personal injury claims contain three categories of damages, and railroad cancer claims are no different. A plaintiff can demand damages for:

  • Medical costs associated with treating the illness
  • Any emotional traumas or lost quality of life after the onset of symptoms
  • Economic losses due to no longer being able to work

A diligent railroad cancer attorney could help to seek compensation that covers the full value of the claimant’s damages

An Ohio Railroad Cancer Attorney May be Able to Help

When individuals work on the railroad, they are vulnerable to physical and internal injuries that could affect their present and their future. Cancer of the lungs, skin, colon, and bladder are all connected to working for the railroad. If you have received a diagnosis for any of these conditions, you may be able to demand compensation from your employer. These claims can demand payments for the costs of medical care, emotional trauma, and lost wages. Reach out to an Ohio railroad cancer lawyer today to learn more and discuss your case.

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