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Ohio Railroad Injury Lawyer

The railroad companies continue to provide a living wage to thousands of employees across the State of Ohio. These include the people who operate the locomotives themselves, employees who work to maintain the engines and railcars, and those who work to preserve the tracks that cross the state. Unfortunately, working for the railroad can be a highly dangerous profession. These people are vulnerable to a collection of hazards that can affect not just their physical health but also expose them to toxic chemicals and other substances. A person who suffers an injury or the onset of disease because of their railroad job may be eligible to seek compensation for their damages. An Ohio railroad injury lawyer could help these individuals to pursue appropriate compensation against negligent railway companies. Discuss your case, rights, and legal options with a seasoned railroad injury attorney.

Injuries that May Affect Railroad Workers

Working for the railroads exposes workers to many dangerous conditions. People may suffer harm due to derailments, issues when connecting cars, or accidents that occur in maintenance shops. Even people employed as ticket agents or as waitstaff in dining cars may endure injuries during incidents that entitle them to compensation.

Just as serious are the potential long-term effects of working for a railroad company. Many of these locomotives emit toxic fumes that can poison a person’s lungs or bloodstream. The railroads have also been notorious for using harsh chemicals or insulators such as asbestos which are known carcinogens. An experienced Ohio railroad injury lawyer could help to investigate the cause of an injury or disease and to make a link between a person’s condition and their time spent working for a railroad.

Pursuing Injury Claims for Fair Payments

Most injuries that occur while on the job fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation. However, the railroad industry is a rare example of a type of employer that does not need to purchase these plans under either Ohio or federal law. Instead, the Federal Employers Liability Act, or FELA, creates a separate way for railroad employees to seek compensation following an injury.

FELA states that railroads are responsible for providing a safe working environment for their employees. If they fail in allowing an accident to cause an injury, or by placing a worker in a dangerous environment that results in a disease, that railroad is liable to provide compensation. FELA states that injured railway workers can file lawsuits in state or federal court demanding compensation for their losses.

These lawsuits can demand payments for the costs of all necessary medical care, reimbursement for any lost wages that result from the injury, and even payments for lost quality of life. It falls to the worker making this claim to demonstrate that the railroad was negligent in allowing the injury or disease to occur. A diligent Ohio railroad injury attorney could help to explain how FELA affects claims for compensation and to gather the evidence needed to pursue these claims.

Let an Ohio Railroad Injury Lawyer Help Today

Working for a railway in Ohio exposes you to many dangers. Every year, thousands of workers experience workplace injuries that are the result of accidents. In other instances, people develop debilitating diseases such as cancers that are the result of long-term exposure to dangerous chemicals or toxic substances. These people have the right to demand compensation for their losses.

An Ohio railroad injury lawyer is prepared to take the lead in your claim. They can work to investigate the cause of your injury or condition. They can then help to prove how a railway’s negligence was the source of your losses and to demand appropriate compensation in court. Call today to get started on your case.

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