Lung cancer and other cancers are associated with exposure to toxic chemicals, such as asbestos, sand dust (silica), coal dust, diesel fumes and exhaust, and the fumes from welding, solvents, and other materials. Railroad workers and other workers who are often exposed to such substances during the life of their employment are subject to higher risk of such cancers. This is has often been the result of negligence on the part of the companies which employ them.

Such cancers are debilitating and life-altering medical conditions which can lead to physical, emotional, and financial devastation for workers and their families. In such cases, they may be entitled to financial compensation for their losses and damages. An injury claim or lawsuit can be filed and pursued through the court systems to provide justice for those injured. At Doran & Murphy, PLLC, we have been representing railroad workers and other injury victims for two decades in all kinds of negligence cases. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with lung cancer or another form of cancer due to workplace negligence, we recommend that you contact us to speak with a railroad cancer lawyer right away.

Chemical Exposure Cases

Exposure to toxic chemicals, especially over a sustained time period as is the case for the railroad and other workers, can disrupt the processes involved in the human immune system. This makes it difficult for the individual to recover from illness or to maintain optimum health. Defects in the immune system can contribute to the development of many diseases, such as cancer. Those exposed to toxic chemicals and substances are at a much higher risk for lung cancer as well as other cancers, such as cancer of the digestive tract, colon, larynx, esophagus and kidneys.

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