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Client Testimonials

Great railroad attorneys. — Bob F.
They're great to help you. Good value and professional. Big thanks to this company. — Joseph H.
It is from my own experience that I do not hesitate to refer friends and encourage them to take whatever advice they receive from Chris. In a word here is an attorney who is trustworthy. — JM
Mr. Murphy did a great job on my case. Very nice lawyer. — Steven W.
Great firm! I mean literally (from Ms. Amy to Mr. Murphy). I could tell they truly cared about me (first and foremost) and my situation (secondly). Very knowledgeable, honest, and straightforward. — Anonymous
I would like to express my most sincere thanks to Doran & Murphy, PLLC, for your most professional representation. I admired their judgment, analytical skills, research skills, and perseverance. But what truly sets Doran & Murphy, PLLC apart from everyone else is the level of comfort and compassion they provided to me and my family. They truly care about the clients they represent. I highly recommend Doran & Murphy, PLLC. — Jeffrey F.
The process was so easy and they were so helpful the whole time. They made sure I understood everything about what was going on with the settlement and explained things in a simple and easy-to-understand way. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that might need an excellent railroad attorney. — Clint G.
Excellent communication between myself and Chris from Doran & Murphy, PLLC. All questions answered; kept me fully informed on my case. Highly satisfied; you'll be too if you use this office. — RJ K.
From the first day I talked to Chris Murphy, he has been great to work with. It was clear that Chris and everyone at this firm had my best interests at heart. I feel I couldn’t have done better with the representation and advice I received. Thank you, Doran & Murphy! Special thanks to Chris! Sincerely, Michael S. — Michael S.
I’m sure you deal with dozens of cases a day, so I am under no illusions that mine specifically would stand out in any way. However, I would like to thank you for working with me during a particularly hectic part of my personal life. Over the several months of our litigation, I’ve been through four separate [military] schools, the [] Police Academy, graduating college and managing the estate for which you worked on my behalf. Your patience and professionalism is very much appreciated. I’m not sure how this estate managed to find a lawyer several states away, but I am very grateful it did. Thank you. — Estate Representative of a Deceased Railroader
I wanted to thank you for all your help. We received the check and will be used accordingly. Your office is wonderful and staffed with understanding and thoughtful people. — Retired Railroad Worker
I want to thank you for your kindness and patience during the past two years. You are a very kind and compassionate person and I wish you the very best professionally and personally as well. Always remember how special you are. — Widow of a Railroader
Thank you for the patience and guidance you gave me. This was a hard thing for me, because of what it stands for, but you made it a little (lot) easier. It really means more than you know. Thanks again. — Pam O.

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