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Railroad Machine Operator Injuries in Ohio

Many industries rely on workers that operate heavy machinery and other types of machines. The railroad industry is no different and requires workers that are skilled in operating machines daily. Due to the equipment these workers work with, the environments they perform their work, and the general nature of their jobs, railroad machine operators are exposed to many dangerous conditions and injury risks. A work-related injury places a large amount of stress on you and your family to pay for bills and other necessities without your steady income before the accident. An attorney knowledgeable in railroad machine operator injuries in Ohio could be essential in helping you seek the compensation that you may be entitled to.

Common Injuries and Damages to Machine Operator

Railroad machine operators are prone to suffering several types of injuries while working on and around the machinery, equipment, and trains. Some of the machinery used by machine operators is extremely large, with enough weight to cause potentially catastrophic or even fatal injuries.

When working with large machinery, crushing injuries can be common a body part becomes caught under a machine or between parts within the machine. Many times work-related injuries for railroad machine operators can be severe and include head and neck trauma, broken bones, and internal bleeding and damage. In even more severe cases, a worker may be involved in accidents causing amputations, spinal cord injuries, severe burn injuries, or paralysis.

In addition to injuries from accidents at work, machine operators are exposed to hazardous substances and toxic chemicals that may lead to deadly illnesses, such as cancer and chronic lung diseases. These substances, including, but not limited to, diesel exhaust, second hand tobacco smoke, asbestos, lead, silica sand, and benzene, are found throughout railroad yards and in the areas that machine operators complete their work. An Ohio lawyer experienced in machine operator damages could provide the necessary understanding to hold a railroad employer responsible when an injury occurs or an illness is diagnosed.

Reporting Railroad Machinery Worker Injuries and Illnesses

Accidents happen on any worksite, but accidents can occur frequently and in various situations with the increased dangers in a railroad work site. Some of the causes for accidents involving a railroad machine operator include:

  • Inadequate or inappropriate safety devices
  • Faulty or defective equipment
  • Improper training to use the dangerous machines and equipment
  • Failure to enforce safety rules and regulations or conduct safety inspections

It is important for machine operators to promptly report any injuries suffered in the workplace to a supervisor or manager. A delay in reporting may lead to allegations that the injuries did not happen at work, which could make a claim much harder to pursue. An Ohio lawyer seasoned in machine worker injuries could help fight against aggressive employers and insurance companies so that an injured individual receives the compensation they deserve.

FELA Claims for Machine Operator Damages

When an injured railroad machine worker files a claim under 45 United States Code § 51, the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), they are required to establish negligence on the part of the railroad employer. This is a different requirement from an Ohio worker’s compensation claim, which does not require a negligence showing; however, the benefits provided under FELA are similar.

If an injured machine operator cannot establish the railroad’s negligence caused the injuries, it is unlikely that a FELA claim will be successful. When filing a FELA claim, injured individuals may want to seek the assistance of a dedicated Ohio attorney in machine worker damages.

Schedule a Consultation with an Ohio Machine Operator Injury Attorney

Railroad machine operators are prone to devastating injuries and diseases due to the dangers associated with the railroad industry. If you suffer an accident on the job or a severe medical diagnosis after years of working on the railroad, you may be faced with mounting bills and an unpredictable future for you and your family. A lawyer experienced in railroad machine operator injuries in Ohio could fight by your side to help get your life back on track. Contact an attorney today for a case evaluation.

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