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Railroad Cancer Lawyer

Working for one of the many railroads in the United States has provided a stable income to men and women for over a century. However, many railroad jobs place employees at significant risk of harm. Railroad employees such as brakemen, conductors, engineers, carmen, track workers or even repair shop workers may have faced exposure to hazardous chemicals, some of which are known carcinogens. If you suffered a worsened medical condition after working on a railroad, speak to a railroad cancer lawyer to discuss your legal options. A seasoned railroad injury attorney could help you hold negligent railroad owners responsible for their negligent actions.

Chemicals and Substances Which may Cause a Cancerous Growth

Railroad workers utilize a number of chemicals and harsh substances to perform their jobs. However, many of these substances pose a major risk to those who work on the railroads. These could include:

What is The Most Prevalent Substance on the Railroad?

The most prevalent of these substances is asbestos. This is a naturally occurring fibrous material that has great utility as an insulator and fire retardant. Unfortunately, these fibers tend to fray upon disturbance and can lodge themselves into the lungs of any person unfortunate enough to breathe them in. This causes breathing difficulty and can also result in lung cancer.

Why Is Rock Dust Hazardous?

Another common hazard to working on the railroad is the amount of rock dust that permeates the air. Laying track often includes the process of pounding rocks to create a solid bed for the track. This can release millions of particles into the air that can lodge themselves into the lung’s cells.

Recovering Compensation Following a Malignancy Diagnosis

Generally, when a diagnosis is connected to an individual’s job it is a workers’ compensation matter. In exchange for the payments of medical costs and some income reimbursement, the ill employee cannot sue their employer. Railroad workers are unable to recover compensation for injuries via workers’ compensation claims.

The Federal Employers Liability Act states that ill employees must file personal injury lawsuits against their employers in order to recover compensation. It also states that the employee’s attorney must be able to show that a railroad’s negligence led to their diagnosis. The attorney must prove that a railroad failed in their duty to keep a safe workplace. Examples of this failure may include:

  • Not removing hazardous material in a timely manner
  • Not providing proper safety equipment
  • Knowingly exposing workers to harsh chemicals
  • Not providing proper safety orientations

A dedicated railroad tumor lawyer could help individuals to pursue negligent railroad employers in United States District Courts to demand fair compensation following their cancer diagnoses.

Speak to a Railroad Cancer Attorney Today

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be devastating for an individual and their family. Many former and current railroad workers can connect their malignancy to their time working for the railroad. These jobs place them at risk of exposure to many known carcinogens, and OSHA recognizes the risks involved in these professions.

A railroad cancer lawyer could take the lead in your case while you focus on your health. They could help to gather the evidence linking your condition to your employment as well as investigate the railroad’s activities to identify how their negligence resulted in your diagnosis. Call today to learn about how you may be eligible to seek compensation.

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