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Ohio Railroad Laborer Injury Lawyer

Railroad laborers perform some of the hardest and most physically demanding jobs in the railroad industry, not to mention those most essential to keeping that entire industry on the right track. Unfortunately, the job can be dangerous, especially if your employer fails to do their part in providing the safest working conditions possible. If you got hurt or ill as a direct result of your work as a railroad laborer, you may have options for financial recovery that are worth discussing with a railroad accident attorney. Once retained, an experienced Ohio railroad laborer injury lawyer could help you build a case for compensation under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act and tenaciously demand the financial recovery you deserve from your reckless or careless employer.

Seeking Compensation for Physical Injuries and Conditions

Much like personal injury claims following a car wreck or trip and fall accident, railroad laborer injury claims pursued under FELA revolve around the concept of negligence. In short, if a railroad laborer gets hurt on the job partly or completely because their employer did not provide enough manpower for the task, failed to train that laborer appropriately, did not provide adequate safety equipment or tools, or failed to create or enforce proper safety regulations, that employer can be considered “negligent” and therefore liable for that worker’s injuries.

Everything from broken bones and torn ligaments to crushing injuries, limb amputation, and even spine trauma leading to permanent paralysis could justify a FELA claim, provided that the injury occurred at least in part due to employer recklessness or carelessness.

Repetitive motion injuries stemming from unsafe working conditions over a period of years could likewise allow for financial recovery, as could the aggravation of a pre-existing injury that a worker had prior to starting their job as a railroad laborer. A knowledgeable Ohio railroad laborer injury attorney could go into more detail during a private consultation about what circumstances they could help with.

Recovering for Illnesses Related to Railroad Laborer Work

The Federal Employer’s Liability Act also protects railroad workers who contract serious illnesses after being exposed to hazardous substances in the course of their employment. Given the nature of their work, railroad laborers are unfortunately especially susceptible to chronic illnesses like mesothelioma and various other cancers connected to exposure to diesel fumes, silica dust, and asbestos.

In addition to medical expenses, lost work wages and earning capacity, lost benefits, and physical pain and suffering, railroad laborers who develop debilitating illnesses because of the work they performed may also be able to recover for long-term non-economic forms of harm like loss of ability to enjoy hobbies and lost opportunities with families. A railroad laborer injury lawyer in Ohio could provide irreplaceable assistance when it comes to maximizing available compensation in this type of claim.

Seek Help from an Ohio Railroad Laborer Injury Attorney

Everyone who has ever worked as a railroad laborer job knows how hard that job can be, and the people who employ workers in this role should know those risks as well. In light of that, any railroad laborer who suffers harm because of their employer’s negligence should be able to hold that company liable for the consequences their misconduct created.

Talking to an Ohio railroad laborer injury lawyer could help you understand your rights and put you on track toward a favorable claim resolution. Learn more by calling today.

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