The attorneys of Doran & Murphy have concentrated their passion and energy on helping the victims of careless and reckless behavior. Doran & Murphy has a proven track record of successful representation for serious personal injury and wrongful death.

Doran & Murphy, PLLC has successfully represented clients in 32 states throughout the country. Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in multiple states and federal courts. We also maintain relationships with some of the nation’s best attorneys and have worked with these attorneys across the country to ensure the best possible results to our clients, at no extra cost to them.

In Memoriam
Michael H. Doran

On April 28, 2009, while returning from a business trip to Cleveland, Michael Doran and Matthew Schnirel were killed when the plane that Mr. Doran was piloting crashed into a wooded area.

Matthew J. Schnirel

Matthew Schnirel, a beloved and respected associate attorney of Doran & Murphy, died suddenly and tragically on April 28, 2009, as a result of a plane crash that claimed both his, and fellow attorney Michael Doran’s lives.

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Coronavirus Update

The events of the past several weeks have been extraordinary. Staying safe and doing our part to contain the coronavirus are a priority for all of us. At Doran and Murphy we remain committed to serving the needs of railroad workers throughout the country even through these difficult and unprecedented times. To that end, our lawyers and staff are working from their homes to ensure that our railroad clients receive the attention they have worked so hard to deserve. You can be assured that wherever you are, we are here for you too. We are available by phone, email or by video conference to consult with you on any injury or cancer related to your railroad work. Call us. You will receive the same first-rate service that we have always provided. Most importantly at this time, follow the coronavirus guidelines established by the CDC and stay safe.