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Exposure to asbestos is common for railroad employees. For many railroad workers in Ohio, there is a direct link between illnesses, such as cancer, and their time spent on the job. Asbestos can implant itself in a person’s lungs or other internal organs, leading to debilitating cancers.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with an illness or disease due to asbestos exposure, a knowledgeable railroad injury attorney could help you seek compensation. An Ohio railroad asbestos lawyer could help railroad employees protect their legal rights and hold the railway companies accountable for their actions. This can include connecting their health condition to asbestos exposure and demanding that an employee receive fair compensation.

The Use of Asbestos in the Railroad Industry

Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance that repels fire and extreme heat. It contains millions of small fibers that can become dislodged when touched or moved. These fibers can float through the air and enter a person’s lungs. They then travel through the bloodstream and can become attached to a person’s organs. The resulting cancers are known as mesothelioma.

Asbestos is found in many older railroad facilities and equipment. Specifically, it is located on pipes, in joints, valves, brakes, and clutches. Any use of these objects or ongoing repair work can force particles into the air, affecting not just repair workers but anyone in the area. An experienced Ohio railroad asbestos attorney could help to discover the role of asbestos in causing a person’s illness.

When is an Employer Liable for Exposure?

Various documents show that the railroad knew about the potential hazards of asbestos in the 1930s.  Despite this, they did not warn their workers about these hazards. As a result, many railroad workers faced exposure without anyone knowing. In other cases, a railroad did not provide proper safety equipment or even notify a worker about possible danger. If this is the case, the railroad employer could have been negligent in allowing exposure.

The Federal Employers Liability Act, or FELA, allows injured railway workers to hold their employers liable in court for any damages that result from the employer’s negligence. These claims are an employee’s only way to collect payments for medical care, lost wages, and lost quality of life that may result from asbestos exposure. A seasoned Ohio railroad asbestos attorney could help to gather evidence of employer negligence to pursue claims for damages in local courthouses.

An Ohio Railroad Asbestos Lawyer May be Able to Help

Exposure to asbestos is common in the railroad industry. The use of this insulator was common until a generation ago, and many railroad companies have not located or removed this hazardous substance. This can result in workers facing unknown levels of exposure that could affect their lungs or other vital organs.

The resulting illnesses could leave you with substantial medical bills, emotional trauma, and an inability to earn a living. If your employer was negligent in allowing exposure, you may have the right to demand that they provide compensation. Federal laws state that injured railway workers have the ability to seek payments in local courthouses.

An Ohio railroad asbestos lawyer could help by taking the lead in these claims. They can work to discover vital evidence, evaluate how the illness has affected your life, and aim to protect your rights in settlement talks and court. Call today to learn more about how an attorney could help your case.

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