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Railroad Welder Injuries in Ohio

Railroad welders are regularly exposed to dangers in completing their daily work and in the conditions they work. The working conditions in the railroad industry are some of the most dangerous conditions among all industries. Yet, welders are especially susceptible to injury and disease because of the hazardous fumes inhaled while working. Due to the increased dangers, railroad welders may seek compensation through federal and state law for workplace damages. A work-related injury or disease can be life-changing and leave you with many questions. A lawyer focusing on railroad welder injuries in Ohio could evaluate the circumstances of your workplace injury or disease and determine the potential courses of action to help recover your damages.

Railroad Industry Work-Related Illness

Railroad work is full of dangerous conditions and hazards that can cause accidents and severe injuries to welders. However, one of the most severe injuries a railroad welder may suffer is not from an accident; instead, it relates to the toxic and hazardous fumes common in welding work on the railroad. The continuous inhalation of these dangerous fumes throughout a welder’s career can result in deadly cancer or other lung diseases, which may be compensable under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) or state law.

In many cases, railroads employ welders to work in confined areas that are not well-ventilated. Therefore, when these railroad welders are fusing metal and making repairs, they have no way of avoiding the inhalation of fumes that can potentially cause a chronic illness. An attorney experienced in Ohio railroad metalworker illnesses could help establish that an illness resulted from working as a welder.

Common Railroad Metalworker Injuries in Ohio

The environment that railroad welders work in presents many hazards that can cause serious accidents. For that reason, welders are prone to severe injuries in addition to work-related illnesses that can often develop. Some of the injuries that could result because of the equipment, machinery, materials, trains, and poor overall working conditions include:

  • Minor and severe crush injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of limbs
  • Injury to the spinal cord
  • Lacerations
  • Burn injuries

Railroad welders may be entitled to compensation for work-related injuries under the FELA. A seasoned Ohio metalworker injury lawyer understands the hazards of welding work and could help present a persuasive case for a work-related injury.

Establishing Negligence under FELA

The uniquely long list of potential injuries and illnesses that a railroad welder is susceptible to makes this occupation one of the most dangerous. The many hazards in this occupation can leave a welder severely injured or sick, unable to work or earn a living, and in need of ongoing medical attention. Due to these risks, railroad welders are afforded increased protections under FELA, 45 United States Code § 51, which may allow for recovery from negligent railroad employers.

To establish a claim under FELA, an injured welder must show that a railroad employer’s actions or inactions caused the condition to occur or exist, resulting in injury. For example, a lack of adequate training, safety gear, or protection from toxic fumes and substances may all be potential claims for liability against a railroad employer.

Although railroad metalworkers may utilize FELA to seek compensation, railroad employers will aggressively fight to avoid liability and paying for any damages. Speaking with a knowledgeable Ohio welder injury attorney soon after an injury or medical diagnosis could be the difference in establishing the necessary evidence to build a successful claim for compensation.

Contact an Ohio Railroad Welder Injury Attorney Today

Unfortunately, injuries and disease are common to railroad welders, especially those that have worked for many years. These cases require the injured individuals to prove specific requirements under federal law to recover for the many damages that may be sustained. When you sustain an injury on the job, an attorney focused on railroad welder injuries in Ohio could help fight for your best interests and hold the railroad industry accountable. Call today to schedule a case consultation for your injuries.

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