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Ohio Railroad Toxic Chemicals Lawyer

When most people think about the hazards that come with working in the railroad industry, they imagine physical injuries that can result from failing machinery or human error. However, just as serious and prevalent are diseases that can develop from exposure to toxic chemicals. The most extreme examples are cancers that result from asbestos, diesel exhaust, silica dust or creosote. Long-term exposure to these carcinogens can result in a worker inhaling or touching substances that increase their chances of developing debilitating diseases. The only way to obtain compensation following these injuries is to bring claims against the railroad employer or file lawsuits in state or federal court. An Ohio railroad toxic chemicals lawyer could help ill employees to collect the compensation needed to set things right. They can take the lead in connecting a medical condition to time spent working for the railroads in Ohio. With this information, a skilled railroad injury attorney can help to collect compensation from employers.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals is a Serious Health Concern 

The railroad industry relies on a variety of harsh chemicals and other toxic substances to perform its function. While at one point necessary to keep the trains running, we now recognize that these substances are a serious threat to human health.

One prime example is exposure to asbestos. Used as an insulator and fire retardant, asbestos is a carcinogen that can lodge itself in the lungs of workers. Another clear example of toxic substances in the railroad industry is creosote. This byproduct of wood treatment can seep into clothing and affect a worker’s skin. Creosote exposure also increases the chances of developing various cancers. An Ohio railroad toxic chemicals attorney could help to trace the development of serious illnesses to time spent working for the railroad industry in Ohio.

Obtaining Compensation Requires Filing Lawsuits in Federal Court

Most workers are fortunate in that their employers must provide workers’ compensation insurance under State law. Unfortunately, the railroad industry has been exempt from this requirement for generations. As a substitute, Congress passed the Federal Employers Liability Act or FELA. This set of laws makes employers in the railroad industry directly liable for any workplace injuries or illnesses that result from employees doing their jobs.

Because of this legal framework, railroad workers may bring claims against their employers or file lawsuits in state or federal court to obtain compensation. These claims are valid even if the exposure was accidental. Likewise, an injured employee can receive payment even if the exposure was partially their own fault as long as they were performing their work duties at the time.

Even so, receiving proper compensation is no guarantee. Employees should be able to connect their disease to time spent working for an Ohio railroad. These workers can recover not just money for medical care but also compensation for emotional traumas and lost earning capacity. An Ohio railroad toxic chemicals attorney could help to pursue comprehensive claims for damages against railroad companies.

Contact an Ohio Railroad Toxic Chemicals Lawyer Today

Exposure to toxic chemicals and harsh substances is a fact of life for many Ohio railroad workers. These can include common insulators such as asbestos as well as cleaning solvents, creosote, and diesel fumes. Prolonged exposure significantly increases a worker’s chances of developing many cancers, including lung cancer.

Developing these diseases enables you to seek compensation from the railroad. Since workers’ compensation laws do not apply to the railroad industry, the FELA is the only means of recovery for these workers.

An Ohio railroad toxic chemicals lawyer could help to pursue these claims on your behalf. They can help to gather evidence of toxic substance exposure at work and to leverage this evidence into federal lawsuits demanding compensation for your losses. Reach out to an Ohio railroad toxic chemicals lawyer today to learn more.

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