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Ohio Railroad Silica Lawyer

Silica is a tiny particle that can have a huge impact on a railroad worker’s health and life in Ohio. Damage from inhaling silica particles on the job can lead to lung damage, cancer, and other debilitating conditions. If you suffer from lung cancer, silicosis, COPD, or other threatening conditions and you currently or formerly worked around trains or tracks, an Ohio railroad silica lawyer may be able to help you obtain compensation. Railroad Maintenance of Way workers and machine operators are particularly affected. No amount of money can restore your lost health, but an award could cover past expenses and help meet future needs. Reach out to a seasoned railroad injury attorney to discuss your case and legal options.

Compensation for Railroad Workers in Ohio Who’ve Been Harmed By Silica

Railroad employees who suffer illnesses or injuries caused by the employer’s negligence are entitled to seek compensation under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act. Under this federal law, workers could receive compensation to offset economic losses as well as intangible effects.

An Ohio railroad silica injury attorney could help an employee receive compensation to make up for:

  • Wages lost due to time off work
  • Doctors’ bills
  • Anticipated future medical care
  • Reduced future earning capacity
  • Emotional anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering

These damages cover considerably more factors than the benefits – to workers in other industries through the Ohio workers’ compensation scheme. However, railroad workers bringing a claim under FELA must be prepared to show how their employer was negligent and the connection between the negligence and their injuries.

Understanding Silica Dust

Silica is an extremely prevalent substance that can take several different forms. In crystalline form, it is commonly found in sand and stone, such as railroad ballast. Tiny silica particles are released into the air when workers crush or drill into rocks containing silica.

Workers who scatter sand also release silica dust. When silica particles become airborne, they can easily be inhaled by anyone working in the vicinity.

A primary task performed by a railroad silica lawyer in Ohio is proving the connection between an employee’s job duties and injuries caused by silica exposure. While maintenance of way employees are the ones who most frequently suffer from silica dust ailments, other workers in the railroad industry are also at risk, such as those who dump sand or used sand in the braking process.

Harm Caused by Silica Exposure

Silica has been known to cause severe illnesses, such as lung cancer, and is classified as a carcinogen in humans. Sometimes, the effects of long-term exposure to silica take years to manifest, so a worker may be diagnosed with lung cancer or other conditions years after the exposure and possibly years after employment in the industry has ended.

Workers exposed to silica often develop a condition known as silicosis caused by silica particles lodged in the lungs. Reduced lung capacity can lead to or complicate a variety of other ailments and can prove fatal.

Work with an Experienced Ohio Railroad Silica Attorney

Employers in the railroad industry often failed to take available steps to protect workers from the hazards of silica dust exposure. When employers suffer cancer and other life-threatening illnesses as a result, it is time to hold the industry accountable.

An Ohio railroad silica lawyer could fight to obtain fair and just compensation for you and your family if you are suffering because of exposure to silica dust. Talk to a legal advocate today to learn how an attorney could represent your interests and help you move forward.

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