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Ohio Railroad Throat Cancer Lawyer

Throat cancer may be curable at the early stages, however, cases caught in the later stages of malignancy are often fatal. In comparison to other industries, railroad workers face some of the highest incidences of exposure to environmental hazards and dangerous chemicals. Carcinogens such as asbestos, creosote, diesel exhaust and benzene are frequently behind the diagnosis of various types of cancers in railroad employees, including throat cancer. An Ohio railroad throat cancer lawyer can provide more information about obtaining compensation under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). This federal law provides monetary damages to injured railroad employees. If you believe that throat cancer could have developed as the result of toxic exposures on the job, you should schedule a consultation with an experienced railroad injury attorney who can offer more information about your options to file a claim.

Throat Cancer Risks Faced by Railroad Workers

Railroad workers in all jobs can face considerable cancer risks. The nature of many railroad workers’ jobs causes them to come into contact regularly with dangerous and carcinogenic substances. Some of the job roles that often pose the highest risk of toxic exposure include engineers, conductors, carmen, trackmen, machine operators, laborers, switchmen, and welders. Asbestos and diesel exhaust are two common toxins that can lead to throat cancer if someone is exposed to them over an extended period of time.

How Hazardous is Diesel Exhaust for Railroad Employees?

The heavy metals and chemicals in diesel exhaust are carcinogenic to the human body. The reason these substances are so frequently linked to cancer is that they cause injury to the person’s DNA. This can cause malignancy over time. Engineers may be exposed to high levels of diesel if the exhaust system is not functioning correctly. Laborers may have frequent exposure to dangerous levels of diesel exhaust from operating certain machinery, as well as from trains going by.

How is Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos is common in the insulation of older locomotives, railway buildings, and track equipment. Even though the Occupational Health and Safety Administration prohibited the use of asbestos over 40 years ago, some companies kept using it. This is why some older locomotives and railway structures still pose a risk for asbestos exposure. Workers exposed to asbestos years ago while railroad companies still used the substance may also still be at risk of developing various cancers, including throat cancer. Welding fumes, benzene, creosote, and silica are also significant toxins that have been linked to malignancies.

Eligibility for Damages Under FELA

To file a FELA claim for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, the railroad employee’s cancer must have developed from toxic exposure during their employment. In other words, the employee’s throat cancer must have resulted in part from their work conditions. Railroad companies have a legal obligation to ensure a secure and healthy work environment for their employees. They should take reasonable steps to ensure measures are in place that would prevent foreseeable harm to workers. An experienced FELA attorney can determine if the railroad may have played a role in the cancer.

If a railroad company is derelict in its legal obligation as established by FELA, it may be liable for negligence. For example, a railroad company could be responsible under the FELA if its failure to impose adequate safety protocols exposes an employee to carcinogenic toxins that cause them to develop cancer. There must be a connection between the railroad company’s negligence and the employee’s harm.

When considering filing a FELA claim, you should speak with an Ohio railroad throat cancer attorney first. An attorney can review a railroad worker’s medical records and other documentation to assess whether the company may be partially or entirely liable for the worker’s illness.

Call an Ohio Railroad Throat Cancer Attorney Today

Finding the right lawyer to handle your claim is crucial to pursue the most favorable outcome. It is important to work with an attorney who has extensive knowledge of FELA. A lawyer who has successfully handled these claims in the past could help you seek the highest possible award of damages if your throat cancer was caused by toxic exposure arising from the railroad company’s negligence. To learn more about filing a lawsuit and to get a confidential review of your case, call an Ohio railroad throat cancer lawyer today.

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