men working on railroad

Every job has its risks, whether you work in an office building or a construction site. However, for those who work on our nation’s railroads, these risks are increased. Because railways are integral to the nation’s economy, the government has enacted the Federal Employers Liability Act, which helps cover railroad injuries workers may sustain. Keep reading to learn the most common injuries these workers face and discover why you need a FELA lawyer to help you if you’ve been hurt on the job.

What Railroad Injuries Are Most Common?

Unfortunately, due to the dangerous nature of working on railroads, there are a number of injuries commonly afflicting those who perform these duties.

One of the most common injuries for workers is being struck by the train itself. These employees must work very closely with railroads and trains, it is not uncommon for these railed vehicles to move on the tracks, whether the train is dropping off materials or coupling cars. As a result, workers may be struck, hit, or run over by the train.

Because this is a manual labor job, rail workers are constantly lifting heavy objects and moving materials around the worksite. It is not uncommon for employees to suffer neck, back, shoulder, and knee injuries due to the constant heavy lifting required for this job. Similarly, frequent lifting can damage soft tissue, like ligaments and tendons, due to repetitive overuse.

Many workers will also suffer head and brain injuries due to the nature of this job. If cargo is unsecured, it can slip and hit an employee in the head. Similarly, slipping and falling, tripping over materials, or being struck by dropped equipment can cause severe damage. Being hit in the head can result in a brain injury, the effects of which can be chronic and life-altering.

What Should I Do if I’m Injured on the Job?

If you are a railroad worker and sustain an injury on the job, it’s imperative that you take the correct steps following an accident.

The most important thing to do is to ensure that your employer creates an incident report which you must carefully read before signing. You must also seek immediate medical treatment for any injuries you sustained, even if they do not seem severe. Not only is this important for your health, but it can help your case.

Finally, you must speak with an experienced FELA attorney. As a railway worker, you are entitled to compensation for the injuries you sustain on the job. However, it is imperative that you retain legal representation to ensure you receive the full amount you deserve.

If you are hurt while working on the nation’s railroads, Doran & Murphy can help. Our dedicated legal team will carefully review your case, and we will work tirelessly to fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate your claim.