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Texas Railroad Toxic Chemicals Lawyer

Coming into contact with a toxic or dangerous chemical is an unfortunate reality for many railroad workers. These substances can range from harsh, irritating chemicals to carcinogens that could have life-threatening consequences for those who are exposed to them. If you have been exposed to toxic chemicals, a trustworthy railroad injury attorney might be able to help. Compensation could be available to you for your medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses. Let a Texas railroad toxic chemicals lawyer help you seek justice for your exposure to harmful chemicals during your career.

Common Toxic Chemicals in the Railroad Industry

There are countless harmful chemicals that are used in the railroad industry and workers are frequently exposed to them, even unintentionally. Every role—from shop workers to conductors—could be exposed to harmful chemicals if they are subjected to dangerous working conditions.

The fumes from the diesel engines that power many trains are one of the most common toxic chemicals railroad workers deal with. These fumes are linked to cancer, as well as other lung problems, with many people facing life-long breathing issues.

For years, asbestos exposure was also common in the railroad industry. Asbestos was used to insulate pipes in many trains, and prolonged exposure to this substance can lead to severe forms of cancer. There is also the constant risk of contact with spilled chemicals or cleaning agents used for various purposes in the railroad industry. Spills could occur during accidents or they could result from poor maintenance of storage facilities.

When a railroad employer is responsible for a person’s exposure to harmful chemicals, that worker could recover monetary compensation. A Texas railroad toxic chemicals lawyer could help them in their effort to pursue a claim for damages due to employer negligence.

Pursuing Compensation for Toxic Chemical Exposure

When it comes to workplace illnesses and injuries, the avenue for compensation is somewhat different for railroad workers as compared to most other workers. In many industries, work-related injuries would typically result in a workers’ compensation claim. Train workers, by contrast, have their own unique system set up.

Instead, a railroad worker has the option of pursuing a claim with the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). Under FELA, benefits could be available to a railroad employee who is suffering an illness or injury from exposure to toxic chemicals.

One of the important things to understand about FELA claims is that, unlike workers’ compensation benefits, these claims will not pay out regardless of fault. Instead, the injured worker must show that their exposure to harmful chemicals was due to the railroad’s negligence.

This negligence could occur in many ways. Often, exposure to dangerous chemicals occurs due to improper training. Workers who lack the appropriate skills could store or transport dangerous chemicals in a hazardous manner, while other examples include the failure of the railroad to clean up spills in a timely manner or to perform maintenance as needed. One of the ways Texas railroad toxic chemicals lawyers could help is by developing a theory of negligence for a FELA claim.

Call a Texas Railroad Toxic Chemicals Attorney Right Away

If exposure to harmful chemicals during your railroad career has resulted in health complications, you could be entitled to compensation for your economic losses. Pursuing a FELA claim could provide you with the financial benefits that you need. You do not have to take on the railroad company on your own. Call a Texas railroad toxic chemicals lawyer as soon as possible.

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