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Texas Railroad Injury Lawyer

The railroad industry has a reputation as one of the more dangerous professions in Texas and around the country. From the risk of crushing injuries to exposure to harmful chemicals, there are countless ways that a railroad worker could suffer an injury on the job. When injuries happen, an experienced railroad attorney might be able to help you. If you were hurt or became ill during your time working in the railroad industry, you might be entitled to compensation. You could have a viable claim for a monetary award if you can show that the railroad’s negligence was responsible for your condition. With the help of a Texas railroad injury lawyer, you could receive justice for your avoidable injury.

How Railroad Injuries Happen

There are countless injuries that could occur in the railroad injury. Given the prevalence of heavy machinery and moving train cars, injuries can happen on a regular basis. These injuries are especially common when the railroad fails to address certain safety hazards.

Many injuries occur as a result of falls or falling objects. Falling from a train car during repairs can lead to significant injuries, especially when the impact of the fall is felt by the head or neck.

There is also a high risk of crush injuries given the proximity to large moving train cars. Railroad workers caught in between these cars or other vehicles could face serious risks of life-altering injuries.

Exposure to Harmful Chemicals Could Have Caused an Illness

Not all harmful conditions related to train work stem from a physical injury. The railroad industry is also known for its extensive use of toxic, harmful chemicals. From cleaning agents to diesel fumes, exposure to these chemicals could lead to severe health consequences. A railroad injury attorney serving Texas could help pursue a claim for compensation based on exposure to harmful chemicals.

One of the most significant threats facing a railroad employee is cancer. There are numerous chemicals that could lead to a cancer diagnosis, including asbestos. This substance was regularly used for years as insulation for pipes in train cabs. The fumes from diesel engines also have been linked to lung cancer and other illnesses. Solvents, silica, and even weedkillers could lead to serious health conditions after prolonged periods of exposure.

Compensation Could Be Available

Whether ill or injured, a railroad employee could be entitled to compensation through something known as the Federal Employers Liability Act. Commonly known as FELA, this act serves as a system for compensation similar to workers’ compensation claims that exist in most other industries. There is a big difference compared to workers’ compensation claims, however, as an injured rail worker must establish that someone’s negligence was the cause of their injury.

Negligence could occur in different ways in the railroad industry. The use of faulty equipment could lead to severe bodily harm, while unnecessary exposure to harmful fumes or chemicals could be responsible for a cancer diagnosis. A Texas railroad injury attorney could help someone pursue a FELA claim for appropriate compensation.

Talk to a Texas Railroad Injury Attorney Today

If you suffered a work-related illness or injury during your employment with a railroad, you could have a viable FELA claim. Pursuing these claims can be difficult without an attorney to guide you on the right direction. Let a Texas railroad injury lawyer help you pursue fair compensation for your injuries. Reach out right away for a confidential consultation.

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