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As an injured railroad employee, you are likely overwhelmed by the conflicting information you’ve received about how to proceed. The internet, your union representative, and your supervisor may have all had different things to say about this matter. One thing you may be unsure of is the difference between FELA and ARLA and how they can influence your case. The following blog explores what you must know about these matters and why you should connect with a FELA lawyer if you’ve sustained an injury because of a negligent employer.

How Do ARLA and FELA Differ?

Though on the surface, ARLA and FELA both relate to railroad workers who have sustained injuries due to the negligence of their employers, they are different.

The Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) is a set of standards that railroad companies are held to if t their workers sustain injuries while on the job. This act was created in response to the disproportionate number of injuries railroad workers were experiencing. Because employees could now sue negligent employers, railroad companies were forced to enact stricter safety standards.

ARLA, on the other hand, is the Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys. This is a network of FELA attorneys with the intention of protecting the rights afforded to those under FELA. ARLA-member attorneys have access to unparalleled resources and a network of like-minded individuals dedicated to fighting for the rights of railroad workers.

Essentially, FELA is the basis for allowing railroad workers to sue negligent employers should they become injured, while ARLA is an association dedicated to upholding these standards and prioritizing the legal rights of injured workers.

If I’m Injured, Should I Connect With an Attorney?

In the event you sustain an injury while working for the railroad, understanding your rights under FELA is critical. Essentially, so long as you can prove that your employer was at least partially negligent, you can recover some form of compensation for the damages you’ve endured.

However, filing a FELA claim can be an incredibly complex process, as the railroad will try to prevent you from bringing forth a successful claim. As such, it’s imperative to work with an experienced attorney to ensure you can recover the compensation you are likely entitled to.

Unfortunately, many assume they can simply connect with a personal injury lawyer. While these attorneys are skilled, FELA claims are much different than standard injuries. That’s why you should seek the guidance of an attorney who is dedicated to practicing FELA claims.

Additionally, your lawyer should be an ARLA member, as this helps ensure they have access to the necessary resources and can consult with other members to give you the best opportunity to receive a favorable outcome for your case.

At Doran & Murphy, our dedicated team, including ARLA members, is ready to help you when you are a victim of the railroad’s negligence. Connect with our firm today to learn how we can assist you in the fight to recover compensation.