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Texas Railroad Asbestos Lawyer

The workers on Texas’ railroads have spent years facing the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. One of the most dangerous substances they have been exposed to is asbestos. For years, asbestos was used as insulation within trains. During that time, countless workers suffered severe health consequences due to their exposure. If a railroad put you in harm’s way by exposing you to asbestos, you could be entitled to financial compensation. An experienced railroad injury attorney could help you understand your legal options moving forward. Before you attempt to pursue a claim on your own, it could benefit you to speak with a Texas railroad asbestos lawyer.

How the Railroad Industry Used Asbestos

Asbestos was commonly used in many industries, including the railroad industry, for many years. For example, it was frequently used to insulate pipes that were installed. In addition to using it on the trains themselves, many railroads used asbestos as insulation in buildings as well.

The pipes within the cabs of locomotives were frequently wrapped with asbestos, and welders also relied on the substance to pack molds. Trackmen frequently came into contact with it by using asbestos rope soaked in diesel to heat the tracks during cold weather.

Asbestos particles are also frequently kicked up during repair work. Shop laborers who are replacing the asbestos-wrapped pipes could be exposed to harmful substances, and the same is true for anyone cleaning up the work area where these repairs take place. A Texas railroad asbestos attorney could help any worker who was in contact with this substance pursue compensation for their illnesses.

Asbestos and Cancer

Asbestos has been linked to cancer for many years. One of the challenges that makes asbestos exposure much more serious compared to other harmful substances is that the body is unable to expel this carcinogen naturally. What is more, there are no proven methods for reversing the damage to the cells caused by asbestos. For most people dealing with long-term exposure to asbestos, the amount of the carcinogen in their body will continue to grow.

Another challenge related to asbestos is that the consequences of exposure can take a long time to develop. It is not uncommon for workers who develop symptoms related to asbestos exposure to do so after it is too late to prevent permanent harm. If a Texas railroad asbestos attorney can establish that the exposure to this carcinogen is due to the railroad’s failure to protect their workers, compensation could be available.

What Options Are Available to Railroad Workers?

Railroad workers suffering from the effects of asbestos exposure could pursue a claim through the Federal Employers Liability Act. Commonly known as FELA, this act provides financial benefits for railroad employees who suffer injuries or illnesses due to the negligence of their employers.

While there are some similarities between this system and the workers’ compensation systems offered by the states, FELA claims require evidence of negligence. An attorney could build a case for negligence based on the extent of exposure to asbestos.

Contact a Texas Railroad Asbestos Attorney Right Away

If you are living with the consequences of exposure to asbestos during your career, you might be entitled to pursue a FELA claim. If successful, you could recover benefits for your medical expenses and other damages. Let a Texas railroad asbestos lawyer advise you on your options moving forward. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer about your work history.

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