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Whether you worked as an engineer, a conductor, part of the Maintenance of Way crew, or in a railroad repair shop, you have played an essential part in the railroad’s role in the American economy.

Despite this vital importance, railroad workers have often been neglected when it comes to workplace safety and their ability to obtain compensation following a workplace injury or a disease, like cancer.

Federal laws exempt railroad companies from following local workers’ compensation laws and require injured employees to sue their employers for any damages that result from workplace injuries or disease. This could be discouraging to many injured railroad workers.

A railroad injury lawyer may be able to help you to obtain the compensation that you need after enduring an on-the-job illness or injury. A diligent railroad injury attorney could work to explain the relevant laws, gather essential evidence, and pursue negligent employers for compensation in United States District Courts or in state courts around the country.

Legal Options for Injured Workers Across America

Most workplace accidents and occupational diseases fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation claims. However, the law exempts the railroad industry from workers’ compensation laws. Injured railroad workers are required to file legal action from their employers to demand compensation for their work-related losses.

This creates a difficult dynamic for many injured railroad workers. According to the Federal Employers Liability Act, United States District Courts and the courts of every state have jurisdiction to hear these claims. Also, workers must often pay for their own medical bills and find another way to support their family while waiting for these cases to resolve. Finally, it is necessary for the plaintiff’s FELA attorney in to prove that a railroad owner was negligent, and that this negligence caused or contributed, even in part, to their injuries or illnesses.

An experienced FELA lawyer could work to take the necessary legal steps to initiate claims, demand fair compensation, and to fight to protect worker rights in settlement talks and in court.


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A Railroad Injury Attorney

Could Help You Seek Compensation

Suffering an injury while on the job is never an easy burden to bear. Even worse, many of the conditions that affect railroad workers are permanent diseases, like cancer, that may lead to premature death. Unfortunately, it may be necessary to file negligence cases against your employer to obtain the compensation that you and your family need.

An experienced railroad injury lawyer could explain the relevant laws, evaluate how your time working for the railroad resulted in your condition, and demand appropriate payments when a railroad owner’s negligence caused your condition. Call a knowledgeable railroad injury attorney today to get started on your case.

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