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Pennsylvania Railroad Diesel Fumes Lawyer

Working for one of Pennsylvania’s railroads comes with many benefits. The rate of pay has traditionally been very high, and the Commonwealth’s economy still largely depends on the rail networks. However, these benefits come at a cost. Even newer, cleaner diesel engines still emit high levels of diesel locomotive exhaust that can have a damaging effect on a person’s long-term health. Employees who now experience symptoms of lung disease like chronic cough and shortness of breath may have a cause of action to demand compensation from their employers. A Pennsylvania railroad diesel fumes lawyer could help in pursuing these demands. A seasoned railroad injury attorney could file a claim for you with the railroad or, if necessary, file a complaint in state or federal court claiming that exposure to diesel fumes has resulted in the diagnosis of respiratory disease or cancer.

Exposure to Diesel Fumes can Cause Permanent Damage

Despite the changeover from coal engines to those that run on diesel in the middle of the 20th century, spending time around running trains is still highly hazardous to one’s health. Diesel fumes are a known carcinogen and exposure significantly increases a person’s chance to contract a variety of cancers.

Common examples include cancers that affect the lungs, blood, throat, colon, bladder and brain. Even if a person is fortunate to avoid a cancer diagnosis, diesel fume exposure can also cause asthma or other lung conditions, heart disease, and immune system disorders. Even as employers accept this fact and install better ventilation systems, working for a railroad leads to an unacceptable and unavoidable level of exposure. A seasoned Pennsylvania railroad diesel fumes attorney could help to connect a current diagnosis to time spent working around diesel engines.

Helping Ill Workers to Collect Proper Compensation

The end result of exposure to diesel fumes can have a devastating effect on a worker’s life. The most obvious impact is the physical injuries that may result. Medical science has identified diesel fumes as a carcinogen. This means that exposure to any amount of this substance makes a person more likely to develop cancer. Diesel exhaust carries a direct link to many cancers. A claim for compensation should demand payments for all medical care connected to these diagnoses.

However, medical care is not the only available benefit. If a worker can no longer perform their job because of exposure to these fumes, an employer is liable to provide wage reimbursement. These payments may continue for the rest of an employee’s expected work life.

Finally, a claim can demand payments for lost quality of life. Receiving a serious medical diagnosis can affect a person’s overall lifestyle. In addition, many of these conditions are extremely painful and can impact one’s enjoyment of life and ability to spend time with loved ones. A skilled Pennsylvania railroad diesel exhaust attorney could help to craft demand packages that meet every employee’s needs.

A Pennsylvania Railroad Diesel Fumes Lawyer Could Provide Essential Help

The railroads in Pennsylvania still provide a livelihood for thousands of track workers, maintenance professionals, conductors and engineers. These people have the right to earn their salaries without fear of debilitating injury or illness. Unfortunately, these sorts of incidents are common, and exposure to diesel fumes is a leading cause of workplace illnesses.

Whenever this exposure results in a diagnosis of a serious medical condition, such as cancer, an employer is liable to provide compensation. This includes payments for medical bills, pain, suffering, and lost wages. However, to collect these payments, workers must sue their employers directly in federal court.

A Pennsylvania railroad diesel fumes lawyer may be able to help. They can work to connect a diagnosis to time spent facing exposure to diesel fumes. Armed with this knowledge, they can help to hold employers liable for allowing this exposure to occur. Contact a Pennsylvania railroad diesel fumes lawyer today to explore your options.

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