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Pennsylvania Railroad Cancer Lawyer

Railroad workers throughout Pennsylvania have dedicated their lives to keeping trains on the rails and providing service to riders and companies. Unfortunately, many of these workers are often exposed to toxic chemicals and substances that have a negative effect on their health. The most extreme examples of these negative effects are the receipts for cancer diagnoses. Many of the chemicals and substances that permeate the air and ground in railroad facilities and on trains are known carcinogens. It is not unusual for railroad employees to contract cancer that affects their lungs, bladders, colons or throats. When this happens, the employing company may be liable to provide compensation. A Pennsylvania railroad cancer lawyer is here to take the lead in pursuing this compensation. A seasoned railroad injury attorney could help to connect a cancer diagnosis to time spent on the job and demand appropriate compensation from railroad companies who failed to keep their workers safe.

Types of Cancer that May Affect Railroad Workers

Railroad workers face exposure to a variety of toxic substances and chemicals. Although railroads have taken steps in the past few decades to decrease their impact on the environment, the nature of the industry itself is still hazardous to the health of its workers.

Workers who spend their time on trains may inhale significant quantities of diesel fumes. These can affect both employees who run the trains and workers who secure cargo or tend to the needs of passengers. Diesel fumes are connected to an increased occurrence rate of lung cancer and maladies that could affect a person’s colon, bladder, or vocal cords.

Cancer is also a major concern for maintenance workers. People employed in engine repair facilities may also inhale significant quantities of diesel fumes. Even those who believe that they are working outside in the clean air of nature may face exposure to creosote in treated wooden ties. This creosote can cause an increased chance of contracting cancers that attack a person’s skin. A skilled Pennsylvania railroad cancer attorney could help to provide more information about cancers that commonly affect employees of Pennsylvania railroad companies.

The Obligation of Railroads to Keep their Workers Safe

In the early 20th century, Congress passed the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). This series of laws grants workers who have suffered an injury connected to their jobs to hold their employers liable in civil court. This same dynamic remains in place today.

It is important to recognize how this differs from traditional workers’ compensation laws. Normally, the onset of an occupational disease is a matter for a workers’ compensation insurance company. However, the FELA specifically excludes railroad companies from this legal structure. Instead, ill workers must pursue compensation in court as part of a lawsuit.

An experienced Pennsylvania railroad cancer attorney works to pursue these cases. They can help ill workers to link their illnesses to their time on the job and to discover how their employer’s negligence led to their exposure. Finally, they can help to measure a person’s losses to demand proper payments in settlement talks or court.

Reach Out to a Pennsylvania Railroad Cancer Lawyer Today

Few experiences in a person’s life can be as devastating as receiving a cancer diagnosis. For people who have worked for Pennsylvania’s railroads, this diagnosis may be connected to their time on the job. Working for a railroad in any capacity exposes a person to chemical fumes and toxic substances that increase their chances of developing cancer. When this is the case, you may be able to demand that your employer provide compensation.

A Pennsylvania railroad cancer lawyer could take the lead in these claims. They could work to link a cancer diagnosis to time spent on the job and to prove that an employer’s negligence led to this condition. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your case and legal options.

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