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New York Railroad Lymphoma Lawyer

Lymphoma is a deadly form of cancer frequently suffered by maintenance of way workers and others in the railroad industry exposed to dangerous chemicals. When a railroad employer is negligent in protecting employees from harm caused by hazardous substances, the employer can and should be held liable for the consequences. If you or a loved one were diagnosed with a severe illness or disease after working in the railroad industry, it is a good idea to consult a seasoned attorney. A New York railroad lymphoma lawyer could help you learn more about your options for pursuing recovery. You may be entitled to recover compensation that covers the full value of your damages.

What is Lymphoma?

The term lymphoma refers to many types of blood cancer that develop from white blood cells. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of cancer which is often caused by infection. However, non-Hodgkin lymphomas may be triggered by numerous causes. Exposure to certain pesticides commonly used on railroad rights-of-way can lead to a substantially increased risk of developing lymphoma.

Treatment for lymphoma often includes chemotherapy and radiation, which can have a devastating effect on the entire body. These treatments may prolong a New York railroad worker’s life but rarely produce a cure. The impact of a diagnosis of lymphoma cannot be overestimated.

How New York Railroad Workers Develop Lymphoma

A railroad lymphoma lawyer could prepare expert testimony and other evidence to show how a worker’s cancer developed by exposure to dangerous chemicals on the job. Maintenance of way workers and those who worked with railroad ties may be particularly vulnerable.

What Common Hazards Are Railroad Employees Exposed To On-The-Job?

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma has been linked to exposure to benzene, a component in creosote and diesel exhaust. Any railroad employees who work with railroad ties may come in direct contact with creosote. Diesel exhaust provides a source of exposure for anyone who worked in a rail yard or shop or on a train. Even many office workers have been exposed to benzene through diesel exhaust.

Additionally, lymphoma has also been linked to exposure to glyphosate, a key ingredient in many pesticides used liberally to reduce the growth of weeds on railroad property. Many maintenance of way workers have been exposed to potentially dangerous levels of glyphosate without adequate protection. A skilled railroad lymphoma lawyer in New York could present evidence to show how a worker’s duties subjected them to cancer-causing compounds.

Recovery Under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act

The Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) allows railway workers who suffer lymphoma caused by working conditions to file a lawsuit seeking recovery. Workers must demonstrate that their employers’ negligence in protecting them from dangerous substances led to the injuries or illnesses complained of before they can recover.

An experienced railroad lawyer could help prove that the lymphoma was caused by the railway’s lack of reasonable care so that injured workers can receive compensation for damages. Amounts may be awarded for economic losses such as medical needs as well as non-economic losses such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Contact a New York Railroad Lymphoma Attorney

If you have been diagnosed with lymphoma due to your time working on the railroad, it is best to discuss your legal options with a diligent attorney. A New York railroad lymphoma lawyer could calculate your damages and help you hold railroad companies accountable for their actions.

Call today to discuss your case.

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