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New York Railroad Cancer Lawyer

If you were diagnosed with cancer due to long-term employment in the railroad industry, it is a good idea to talk to a New York railroad cancer lawyer. Exposure to many different substances used on and around trains can lead to cancer. Many railroad employers failed to take appropriate action to protect their workers. Their failure to provide a safe work environment leaves them liable for the harm caused to employees. Railroad employees and their families may be entitled to compensation when a worker suffers from cancer due to working conditions. A knowledgeable railroad injury lawyer who understands the railroad industry could evaluate your situation and help you seek compensation for your damages.

Cancer-Causing Substances in the Railroad Industry

Men and women who worked around trains have a greater likelihood of contracting cancer due to their exposure to carcinogenic substances. Materials in the railroad industry that could cause cancer include:

  • Asbestos
  • Benzene
  • Solvents
  • Creosote
  • Silica
  • Diesel fumes
  • Toxic chemicals

These dangerous substances can trigger cancer in various parts of the body. Unfortunately, New York railroad cancer lawyers frequently see situations where these cancers remain undiagnosed until they are in the late stages, and treatment becomes extremely difficult.

New York Railroad Workers at Risk for Cancer

Cancer among railroad workers often results in permanent disability or death. When an employer’s negligent actions cause severe injuries, they could be held liable for damages. A New York railroad cancer lawyer could help gather evidence to prove that cancer suffered by a railroad worker was caused by occupational exposure to carcinogenic materials.

Railroad workers may come in contact with substances that have been proven to cause cancer. In addition to trainmen and enginemen, members of maintenance crews, welders, signal maintainers, machinists, and shop laborers also may suffer cancer caused by occupational exposure to carcinogens.

Compensation May Be Available Under the FELA

The Federal Employers’ Liability Act, often referred to in New York as the FELA, is the law that allows injured railroad workers to recover compensation when the negligence of their employers causes them to suffer injuries or illnesses on the job. To recover for cancer caused by work conditions, an employee must be able to show that the railroad company was negligent in exposing the employee to carcinogens and that the negligence caused the cancer.

An experienced attorney could help you hold railroad companies such as CSX accountable for their negligence. They may use expert witnesses to prove the connection between the employer’s conduct and the cancer.

Work with a Knowledgeable New York Railroad Cancer Attorney

Workers facing the rigors of cancer treatment can be worn down by worry over medical bills, lost income due to time off work, and concerns for the future. A New York railroad cancer lawyer could help an injured employee recover compensation to meet these expenses and future needs.

Compensation recovered under a FELA claim could include amounts to cover the intangible effects of cancer as well as the economic losses endured by a railroad worker. For instance, a railroad worker with lung cancer might be entitled to recover compensation for emotional anguish, pain and suffering, lost wages, future reduced income, medical expenses, and loss of enjoyment of life. If the cancer resulted in death, family members may be entitled to compensation for their loss.

A knowledgeable New York railroad cancer lawyer could evaluate a situation and explain the options available for recovery. For a free consultation to learn more, call now.

In addition, an attorney could answer questions from insurance companies and investigators and handle the necessary paperwork. Allowing an attorney to handle the legal and financial issues can enable an employee suffering from cancer to focus on health.

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