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New York Railroad Creosote Lawyer

Creosote is a dangerous chemical that is known to cause cancer. While consumers are not allowed to obtain this substance, the railroad industry uses it frequently to treat railroad ties and plugs. Exposure to this dangerous material puts railroad employees at great risk for cancer or other debilitating illnesses. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer due to long-term exposure to hazardous working conditions, a New York railroad creosote lawyer could help. A dedicated attorney could review the facts of your case and collect evidence to help prove your case. Let a seasoned railroad injury lawyer help you recover compensation to help you move forward.

The Dangers of Creosote Exposure

Creosote is a chemical mixture often made from coal tar. Although it can also be derived from wood resin, creosote produced from coal tar is the form most commonly used as a wood preservative in workplaces such as in the railroad industry.

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, creosote can cause severe injuries either through brief exposure to large amounts or through longer exposures to lesser quantities through vapors or skin contact. Both the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the International Agency for Research on Cancer describe creosote as a probable human carcinogen, and other harmful effects are documented as well. Prolonged exposure has been associated with skin cancer, for example.

The chemicals that make up creosote are rapidly absorbed through the lungs and stomach, so workers who breathe vapors or drink contaminated water are also at risk. A well-practiced New York railroad creosote lawyer could bring in an expert witness to demonstrate how a worker’s cancer was caused by exposure to creosote.

Recovering Compensation for Damages

If a knowledgeable New York railroad creosote attorney can prove the employer’s negligence, they could be held liable for damages. Injured workers could receive damages to provide compensation for the pain and suffering, emotional anguish as well as loss of enjoyment of life. They may also receive compensation to pay medical bills, cover health needs in the future, and make up for wages lost or reduced due to time off work.

Work with a New York Railroad Creosote Attorney Today

To prove this connection between an employer’s actions and an employee’s illness or injuries, it is necessary to present evidence and make the right legal arguments to demonstrate liability. A diligent New York railroad creosote lawyer could gather and present evidence in a persuasive format to prove that the railroad company’s negligence caused the harm suffered. In many situations, lawyers work with expert witnesses to help establish the connection.

Advice from a skilled attorney could also prevent an injured railroad worker from taking action or making statements that could jeopardize their recovery. Further, an attorney could handle questions from investigators and negotiate arrangements to provide fair compensation to meet future needs. An experienced New York railroad creosote lawyer could calculate your losses and help you recover compensation that covers the full value of your damages. Discuss your case with an attorney today.

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