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New York Railroad Lung Cancer Lawyer

Diesel exhaust has long been linked to lung cancer. Because so many workers in the railroad industry were exposed to diesel exhaust, asbestos, and other hazardous substances that can cause lung cancer, it is important to note the potential connection in lung cancer patients, even those who discontinued employment in the railroad industry many years ago. If you or a loved one were diagnosed with cancer after working around trains, consider consulting a diligent railroad injury attorney. You may be eligible to receive compensation to help meet future needs and cover past losses. However, it takes time to prepare the evidence to support a claim, so delays can make it difficult to recover.  Reach out to a New York railroad lung cancer lawyer as soon as possible.

Risks in the Railroad Industry in All Types of Jobs

Many of the substances in the railroad industry that can cause cancer can be found in a variety of work environments, so those with many different jobs may have been exposed to carcinogenic substances. Railroad industry employees who may suffer lung cancer due to dangerous conditions in the workplace include:

  • Conductors and Engineers exposed to silica from sanders
  • Engineers and Conductors exposed to asbestos and diesel exhaust in locomotive cabs
  • Track maintenance workers exposed to benzene in diesel exhaust and silica from ballast
  • Clerical workers exposed to asbestos used to insulate buildings
  • Machine shop workers exposed to diesel fumes and solvents
  • Signalmen exposed to asbestos in signal boxes

Often, a railroad lung cancer attorney in New York will consult experts to show how workplace conditions caused cancer in a worker.

Dangerous substances frequently become airborne due to industry practices, and when workers breath in these substances repeatedly, they often develop cancer. Employers often elected not to provide proper safety equipment to prevent dangerous exposure.

How a Lung Cancer Lawyer Can Help

Employees suffering lung cancer caused by negligence on the part of their employers may be entitled to receive compensation for damages. Compensation cannot restore lost health, but monetary damages provide some measure of justice and can help cover expenses and provide for future needs.

A skilled railroad lung cancer attorney could help workers recover compensation to make up for pain suffered, and emotional and mental distress endured. Workers with lung cancer could also receive damages to cover past expenses such as medical bills and lost wages. Money can be provided to meet future needs such as to make up for lost future earning potential and anticipated medical expenses.

Liability of Railroad Employers

In order to recover damages, a railroad worker must be able to demonstrate that an employer’s negligence caused their injury or illness. Most claims for harm caused by workplace conditions in the railroad industry are handled under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act or FELA. While FELA claims allow employees to recover considerably more damages than under a workers’ compensation claim, they can require much more effort to establish liability.

For that reason, it is wise to start working to collect evidence to prove negligence as soon as possible. A diligent New York railroad lawyer could investigate to locate and preserve evidence, including consulting experts on lung cancer.

Work with an Experienced New York Railroad Lung Cancer Attorney

Many cases of lung cancer could have been prevented if employers in the railroad industry had taken appropriate steps to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Those employers should be held accountable for the harm they have caused.

A New York railroad lung cancer lawyer could work to help you recover full and fair compensation for your damages. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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