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New York Railroad Asbestos Lawyer

When workers surrounded by asbestos insulation and other products inhale asbestos fibers, those fibers can lodge in their bodies and often cause deadly harm. The aggressive cancer mesothelioma is almost always caused by asbestos exposure, but asbestos can also lead to other forms of malignant cancer and disease. A New York railroad asbestos lawyer could help if you or a loved one are suffering from lung cancer or other types of serious illness caused by exposure to asbestos. You may be entitled to compensation to offset expenses and make up for the suffering and other effects. An experienced railroad injury lawyer could evaluate your case and explain your options for recovery.

What Are The Risks of Asbestos to New York Railroad Workers?

Workers are at risk when they manipulate materials containing asbestos and when they work in environments where asbestos insulation or other products release dust that may become airborne due to sweeping and other regular activities. A seasoned New York railroad asbestos lawyer could help workers suffering from asbestos-related cancer to recover compensation.

How Asbestos is Used in the Railroad Industry

In the railroad industry, pipes are wrapped in asbestos, and railroad companies used asbestos to insulate many buildings. Workers can be exposed to dangerous amounts of asbestos by repeated actions such as when:

  • Engineers rest their feet on asbestos-wrapped pipe in the cab of a locomotive
  • Trackmen lay diesel-soaked asbestos rope on rails to heat the rails when cold weather caused them to pull apart
  • Welders use asbestos to pack molds for welds
  • Signal maintainers drill holes in asbestos backboards in signal boxes
  • Shop laborers rip off and replace asbestos insulation on locomotive cab heater pipes
  • Laborers can also be exposed by sweeping up the shops where asbestos has been disturbed

Moreover, many workers have been exposed to deteriorated asbestos insulation in repair shops, bathrooms, lunchrooms, locker rooms, and even offices. A knowledgeable railroad asbestos lawyer in New York could prove that exposure to hazardous chemicals while on the job caused the plaintiff’s damages.

How is Asbestos Linked to Cancer?

Unlike some harmful substances, asbestos in the body continues to accumulate over time and is not expelled through natural processes. Currently, there are no known medical means of reversing cellular damage caused by exposure to asbestos.

It may take many years for asbestos to cause cancer due to a scientific principle called “latency”. By the time the cancer develops, it may be too late to prevent permanent harm, as the worker may already be retired. A diligent New York railroad asbestos lawyer could demonstrate that a railroad company failed to take adequate action to prevent employees from suffering due to asbestos exposure.

Speak to a New York Railroad Asbestos Attorney

The Federal Employers’ Liability Act allows individuals harmed by asbestos exposure while working in the railroad industry to recover compensation from their railroad employer or former railroad employer. Damages could be provided for numerous factors, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages in the past, anticipated reduced income in the future, disability, emotional distress, and other factors.

A New York railroad asbestos lawyer could evaluate the circumstances of a case to determine which parties may be held responsible for cancer or other serious medical harm caused by exposure to asbestos. Also, an attorney could begin collecting evidence and building a case to show liability. Call today to discuss your case and legal options.

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