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Texas Railroad Bladder Cancer Lawyer

Bladder cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer that people in the United States are diagnosed with. Current and former railroad workers are, unfortunately, especially likely to develop this disease. This is due to the exposure to diesel exhaust and many other substances found in railyards and aboard locomotives. Pursuing financial restitution for the short and long-term effects of bladder cancer stemming from railroad work could be much easier with assistance from a Texas railroad bladder cancer lawyer. Claims like this can be evidence-intensive and legally complicated, and a qualified railroad injury attorney’s guidance could be essential to achieving a positive result. Contact our firm today to learn more about your options.

Hire a Lawyer Who Can Prove a Railroad Company Liable for Bladder Cancer

Exposure to diesel exhaust is linked to numerous harmful diseases, including various types of cancer. Certain studies have suggested that exposure to industrial solvents, asbestos, and other materials commonly used on trains and in railyards can also contribute to a worker developing a chronic illness. In many cases, railroad companies could take measures to reduce their employees’ long-term risk of becoming ill. Unfortunately, these companies all too often negligently fail to act.

A railroad worker diagnosed with bladder cancer can file suit against their employer under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) if they can trace their condition directly back to some form of negligence by that employer. Some examples include:

  • If a railroad company did not provide proper respiratory equipment or other protective gear for employees working around running locomotives
  • Railyards not ensuring that the cabs of locomotives were sealed correctly to minimize the amount of diesel exhaust that could reach operators

The failure to protect their employees in these circumstances, and more, may impose liability on companies for ensuing losses. A Texas attorney with extensive knowledge in filing claims for bladder cancer compensation against railroads could examine the details of a diagnosis to help put these pieces together.

Building an Effective FELA Claim

Establishing a direct link between a specific action taken—or not taken—by a railroad company and a worker developing a particular disease can be highly challenging. This is especially true if it has been years since the worker in question was employed by that railyard. Support from a seasoned Texas railroad bladder cancer attorney could be crucial to building a strong claim and pursuing it effectively.

Even if diagnosed and treated early, bladder cancer can still leave a railroad worker with:

  • Expensive medical bills
  • Lost work income
  • Substantial physical and psychological pain
  • Permanently disabilities
  • An inability to engage in hobbies
  • Premature death

A comprehensive lawsuit over bladder cancer or any other occupational disease stemming from railroad work in Texas could incorporate these and all other damages an individual has already suffered and will suffer in the future.

Speak with a Texas Railroad Bladder Cancer Attorney Today

Bladder cancer affects tens of thousands of people annually across the United States. Former railroad workers represent an unusually high percentage of new cases compared to most other professions. Fortunately, federal law grants railroad workers the right to file suit against their current or former employer for damages caused by this kind of occupational disease.

A capable Texas railroad bladder cancer lawyer could provide the guidance you need to pursue the best possible legal outcome, given the circumstances. Call today to learn more.

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