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Pennsylvania Railroad Lead Exposure Lawyer

From engineers to conductors to laborers, railroad employees face a wide range of hazards. One of the common hazards that can prove detrimental to railroad workers’ health is toxic lead exposure. Lead is a common element found in everything from railway equipment to bridges, which means that many workers on Pennsylvania railways are exposed to it on a daily basis. Consistent exposure to lead has been linked to a number of dangerous and deadly diseases, including several types of cancers. If you have been diagnosed with cancer due to lead exposure while working on the railroad, you may have a claim for compensation. A Pennsylvania railroad lead exposure lawyer could determine whether workplace negligence led to your diagnosis. A skilled railroad injury lawyer could fight hard to help you seek the financial damages you need.

When Is The Deadline to File a Railroad Lead Exposure Claim?

Claims involving injuries to railroad workers fall under the umbrella of the Federal Employer’s Liability Act or FELA. There is a general statute of limitations by which all FELA claims must be filed, and failure to file by this deadline can cause a worker to miss out on compensation. However, with occupationally-related diseases, like those related to lead exposure, the individual could develop symptoms years later. Therefore, the only way to really know the effect the statute of limitations could have on a case is to consult with an experienced Pennsylvania railroad lead exposure attorney. An experienced Pennsylvania FELA lead exposure attorney could help a person determine the statute of limitations for their case and help them file their claim accordingly.

Is There a Link Between Lead Exposure and Cancer?

Lead exposure is a leading cause of occupational illnesses, including lung and brain cancer. Studies have suggested that lead has carcinogenic properties, making those who have frequent contact with the element at high risk for certain types of malignancies.

A person who has frequent and ongoing lead exposure may experience symptoms ranging from digestive problems to mood changes and cognitive impairment. Over the long-term, in addition to cancer, consistent lead exposure has also been linked to cardiovascular problems and organ dysfunction.

Types of Recoverable Damages

A Pennsylvania lead exposure attorney can pursue claims for railroad workers who have developed cancer or another occupational illness due to lead exposure. These damages could include the worker’s financial losses, such as medical bills and wage, loss, along with intangible losses such as pain and suffering. Other types of financial damages that may be recovered include the person’s future diminished earning ability, loss of consortium, and psychological distress.

Contact a Pennsylvania Railroad Lead Exposure Attorney Today

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or another disease after exposure to lead at work, you should speak with a Pennsylvania railroad lead exposure lawyer about your potential claim. An attorney could evaluate your situation and provide legal advice regarding the best options for your case. Call today to discuss your case and learn how a railroad injury attorney could help.

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