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Pennsylvania Railroad Lymphoma Lawyer

Being diagnosed with Lymphoma can be a heartbreaking diagnosis for anyone to receive. An increasing number of railroad workers in Pennsylvania have received this diagnosis as a result of exposure to significant toxins due to the nature of their occupation. If you were diagnosed with lymphoma due to hazards on the railroad, such as chemical weed spray, diesel exhaust, industrial solvents and benzene, you may be entitled to compensatory damages. You should speak with a knowledgeable railroad lymphoma lawyer to find out more about your legal right to sue for compensation. An experienced Pennsylvania railroad lymphoma lawyer could examine your work history and other evidence to determine whether the railroad company may have been negligent in protecting its employees from exposure to cancer-causing toxins and if this played a part in your lymphoma diagnosis.

The Value of a Seasoned PA Railroad Lymphoma Lawyer

When a railroad worker is injured, develops a disease, or passes away, any claim for negligence must be filed under the federal law known as the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA). FELA claims are particularly complex and difficult to prove on one’s own. The benefit of seasoned legal counsel cannot be overstated in these legal matters.

To recover compensation after a lymphoma diagnosis, a worker needs to show that the railroad company either negligently or intentionally failed in its legal duty to provide a reasonably safe workplace, and that the employer’s action or inaction led – even in part – to them developing cancer. A wide range of supporting evidence must be provided to hold a railroad company liable for negligence.

Railroad companies are notorious for deflecting liability in claims to the injured worker to diminish the amount of compensation they may have to pay. A skilled Pennsylvania railroad lymphoma lawyer who has a successful track record handling these types of claims and understands the nuances of railroad lymphoma cases could provide unwavering advocacy and support throughout someone’s legal matter. An attorney could investigate all angles of a railroad worker’s claim and determine the most effective strategy to fight for fair compensation while ensuring that the worker’s rights are not taken advantage of during the legal process.

Pursuing Damages in a Railroad Lymphoma Lawsuit

In most cases, a railroad worker has three years from the date they suffer an injury to file a claim against their employer. However, as is common in lymphoma and other cancer claims, there is not usually a specific date of injury to point to. As such, the three-year filing window may start when the worker received their cancer diagnosis. These time limits are complex and only an experienced  Pennsylvania railroad lymphoma attorney can determine when that time limit has expired. Contact a Pennsylvania railroad cancer attorney without delay to ensure a worker’s right to sue for damages is not lost. A railroad worker who has lymphoma may be entitled to a wide variety of compensatory damages, including their lost wages, future wage loss, medical bills, pain, suffering, mental anguish, and more.

When a railroad worker dies, their family may have the legal right to sue for damages on their behalf. Recoverable losses such as the worker’s pain, suffering, and hospital bills incurred before their death may be included in a damages award. Damages for the costs associated with the worker’s burial as well as the loss of benefits they would have otherwise provided their family may also be included in a wrongful death award.

Railroad Workers Diagnosed with Lymphoma

Cancer of the lymphatic system can occur for a variety of different reasons. In the case of railroad workers diagnosed with lymphoma, these diagnoses can often be traced to several significant occupational hazards. Diesel exhaust and one of its components, benzene, are the most common factors behind lymphoma diagnoses in railroad workers. The extremely toxic and carcinogenic qualities of diesel exhaust can cause significant damage to the cells and lead to tumor growth.

Another dangerous substance that many railroad works are exposed to is chemical weed spray. There is little dispute that these products can cause many types of lymphomas. Lymphoma is characterized by excessive swelling in the lymph nodes, pain, sudden weight fluctuations, and ongoing exhaustion that does not decrease with rest or sleep.

Get Help from a Pennsylvania Railroad Lymphoma Attorney

It may be prudent to seek the counsel of a Pennsylvania railroad lymphoma lawyer to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your legal rights if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with lymphoma after working on the railroad. If the railroad company’s negligence was a factor in your lymphoma diagnosis, an attorney could leave no stone unturned to get the compensation you deserve. To schedule your no-obligation case consultation, contact our office today.

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