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Ohio Track Worker Injury Lawyer

Most workplaces pose at least some amount of risk for injury to employees. However, there are few workplaces that pose the kind of risks of damage that can occur in the railroad industry. Railroad track workers are crucial to the railroad industry and play a vital role in the operation of a railroad, including the safety of the train tracks and other hands-on functions. Unfortunately, with a hands-on role comes an increased risk for job-related injuries and diseases, such as cancer, that can manifest after years of work. If you sustained an accident or a diagnosis of work-related cancer from your role as a track worker, you might be entitled to compensation. An Ohio track worker injury lawyer could help determine your legal options.

Hurt as a Track Worker in Ohio? An Injury Lawyer from Our Firm Can Help.

The general work a railroad track worker performs involves installing and maintaining railroad tracks. This work includes routinely using heavy machinery and equipment to complete repairs and all aspects of work on the tracks. Working with heavy machinery can be dangerous due to the potential for falls, being struck or caught under the machinery, and other mishaps with the equipment.

In addition to the machinery and equipment used by track workers in Ohio, the materials routinely used in the maintenance and construction of the railroad are very dangerous. Some of the materials and fumes that a track worker is exposed to during work are asbestos, diesel exhaust fumes, silica dust, and other toxic and chemical fumes. These chemicals may cause the development of severe medical problems for railroad track workers, especially those involved in this work for several years.

Railroad trackmen are work in a hazardous profession in which they are prone to severe injuries and medical conditions. A seasoned Ohio track worker attorney could work with you to help fight for your best interests after years of hard work as a track worker.

Common Railroad Track Worker Injuries

Trackmen in Ohio are vulnerable to severe injuries and disease due to their dangerous work on the railroad tracks. This work includes the handling of hazardous materials daily and the operating of heavy machinery throughout the workday.

Due to the dangerous work and work environment, there are almost endless possible ways of sustaining injury as a track worker. However, many railroad track worker cases involve a few similar injuries. These common injuries and diseases include:

  • Deep lacerations
  • Muscle and joint sprains and strains
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions and head trauma
  • Loss of limb
  • Cancer
  • Scleroderma

Severe injuries and cancer are common when working as a track worker for years. An experienced Ohio track worker injury attorney could help injured individuals seek compensation for their on-the-job injuries and health conditions.

Compensation for Track Worker Injuries

Many accidents and medical conditions suffered as a track worker may result in severe health issues and injuries. The impact of these injuries could be potentially devastating to a worker and their family. The injured individual may recover damages under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) or through a personal injury action, and compensation may be available for:

  • Medical expenses and treatment
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of companionship and economic support for family members

Injuries, illnesses, and other damages vary widely based on the circumstances in each case. Additionally, under 45 United States Code § 53, an injured track worker is not barred from recovery if they are found to be partly responsible for the accident. A knowledgeable track worker accident lawyer in Ohio could provide valuable assistance in assessing the value of a claim and fighting for compensation.

Call Today to Speak with an Ohio Track Worker Injury Attorney

Railroad trackmen put in long hours of laborious work on a daily basis. Additionally, few other jobs provide the type of dangers that track workers face during their careers. If you find yourself injured or with a medical condition due to your work as a track worker, an Ohio track worker injury lawyer could help evaluate your case and fight for the compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation for your track worker injury today.

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