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Ohio Railroad Creosote Lawyer

Creosote is a substance used in the railroad industry to protect wooden rail ties and other necessary components in the business. Unfortunately, the industry often has not taken steps to protect employees from the dangers of creosote. Now those employees are suffering from a variety of diseases related to creosote exposure. If you or a loved one were diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer after working around creosote railroad ties or other creosote-treated lumber in the railroad industry, you may be entitled to compensation under federal law. A consultation with an Ohio railroad creosote lawyer is highly recommended. A railroad injury attorney familiar with railway creosote illness claims could review your case and explain your options for recovery.

Ohio Lawyer | Here to Help Railroad Workers Harmed by Creosote

Workers exposed to creosote may suffer harm from brief exposure in large quantities. However, most problems in railroad workers arise due to long-term exposure.

Creosote has been linked to many forms of cancer, as well as numerous other serious ailments. An experienced Ohio railroad creosote attorney could assist workers suffering from debilitating problems such as:

  • Skin cancer
  • Liver damage
  • Cancer of the scrotum
  • Lymphoma
  • Lip cancer
  • Kidney damage
  • Respiratory tract ailments
  • Other forms of cancer

Workers suffer harm through skin contact as well as contact with airborne creosote particles. Creosote can also leech into water supplies and cause damage when it is ingested.

Creosote Use Around Railroads

In the railroad industry, creosote is most often used to preserve railroad ties from rot and insect damage. By soaking wood in coal-tar creosote, railroad businesses saved considerable money because they reduced the need to replace wooden components as frequently.

Unfortunately, they often did not invest the savings into equipment to protect workers from unnecessary exposure to creosote. A railroad creosote lawyer in Ohio could seek evidence to show how an injured worker’s illness was caused by an employer’s negligence in preventing harmful exposure to creosote. Many workers in Ohio were placed at risk, particularly those in the Maintenance of Way of Track department, who laid railroad tracks, made repairs, maintained rights of way, or treated the wood directly.

Filing a Claim for Compensation

Workers suffering harm caused by exposure to creosote may file a claim under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, which operates differently from the Ohio workers’ compensation scheme open to workers in other industries. The good news about a FELA claim is that injured employers can receive substantially more compensation. Besides money for lost wages and medical needs, an employee can receive financial awards to make up for pain, suffering, and a host of other effects.

However, to recover compensation under FELA, a railroad employee must prove that the employer was negligent – even in part – in providing protection from harm. An experienced railroad creosote attorney in Ohio may use expert testimony to make this showing of negligence.

Consult an Ohio Railroad Creosote Attorney

When railroad industry leaders fail to take adequate steps to protect their employees from harm, they should be held liable. Creosote is a known carcinogen no longer available to consumers, and employees working with this substance should have been provided with decent protection from harm.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness or condition after working with creosote in the railroad industry, you should reach out to a seasoned legal professional. Compensation will not restore your lost health, but it can reduce worries for the future and provide a sense of justice. Call an Ohio railroad creosote lawyer today to discuss your case.

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