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Railroad Carmen Injuries in Ohio

While virtually any job related to railroad work can be hazardous in various ways, few railyard employees face more hazardous working conditions on a regular basis than carmen. The work that carmen perform when assembling, maintaining, and repairing train cars is essential and irreplaceable. However, it also involves working under uniquely dangerous conditions, as well as being exposed to a variety of substances that could put them at risk of serious long-term harm. Railroad carmen injuries in Ohio can serve as strong grounds for claims under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) but it can also be especially challenging for injured carmen to recover for the full value of their losses. Guidance from a knowledgeable railroad injury attorney could make all the difference when it comes to valuating your recoverable damages and holding your employer fully accountable for their negligence.

Physical Hazards Faced by Railroad Carmen in Ohio

Many components of a carman’s job put them at risk of serious injury. For example, repair work on train cars often involves using a welding torch on jagged metal pieces, presenting risks of deep lacerations and high-degree burns if a piece of safety equipment fails or a safety regulation is not followed.

Additionally, the task of inspecting railcars that are not actively undergoing repairs often requires carmen to work around or aboard moving cars, meaning that crushing and blunt-force injuries are a possibility. Even a single awkward motion or unexpectedly heavy object encountered during an average day on the job could cause a soft tissue injury. If the injury is serious, it could keep a carman out of work and unable to make any money for weeks or months at a time. Any such conditions that lead to a railroad carman in Ohio getting injured could give rise to a FELA claim. This is only valid if the incident in question stemmed directly from their employer’s negligence.

Long-Term Damage Correlated with Carman Work

Unfortunately, the physical dangers that carmen face on the job extend far beyond sudden accidents. Thanks to the repetitive motions that many carmen engage in while performing daily tasks, these railroad workers have an especially high risk of developing long-term joint and tendon damage that can have debilitating effects for years to come.

Railroad carmen in Ohio are also susceptible to developing severe occupational diseases due to the various hazardous substances they may be exposed to on the job. Any carman who is diagnosed with diseases and cancers of the lungs, nervous system disorders, lead poisoning, or any other health condition directly related to their working conditions could have grounds for a FELA claim just as someone injured in a work-related accident could.

Learn How an Ohio Attorney Could Help Seek Compensation for Railroad Carmen Injuries

No matter how a railroad carman comes to harm in the course of their employment, they may be able to recover financially for all their ensuing losses if they can prove their employer failed to live up to the responsibilities assigned to them under FELA. Unfortunately, as anyone who has pursued a FELA claim in the past could affirm, seeking recovery through this form of litigation is far from a simple process. This is especially true if you proceed with your case without professional legal representation.

A knowledgeable lawyer could provide the guidance and support you may need to recover for railroad carmen injuries in Ohio. Call today to schedule a meeting.

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