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Filing a Railroad Cancer Lawsuit in Ohio

Over the course of their careers, railroad employees and railyard workers are exposed to all manner of dangerous substances. This can range from industrial solvents and lubricants, to hazardous engine byproducts, to asbestos fibers from insulation and fire-retardant materials. Unfortunately, long-term exposure to many of these substances is correlated with an increased risk of developing various forms of cancer, particularly in the lung, kidneys, and bladder. If you believe your recent cancer diagnosis stems from conditions you were exposed to while working on or around trains, you may have grounds to seek compensation from your former employer under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). However, if you want the best chance of a positive result from filing a railroad cancer lawsuit in Ohio, having an experienced railroad cancer attorney’s help can be crucial.

Connecting a Cancer Diagnosis to Previous Working Conditions

Numerous cancers have been linked to railroad work, most notably mesothelioma, lung cancer, leukemia, and other cancers that can stem from long-term exposure to asbestos. However, building a strong case that connects a recent cancer diagnosis to work performed years prior to that diagnosis can be a uniquely complicated task. However, it is necessary to ensure appropriate financial recovery.

For this reason, it can be important to enlist the help of a doctor who is an occupational cancer specialist when filing a railroad cancer lawsuit in Ohio. Their input could be key to establishing a link between a plaintiff’s specific diagnosis and the particular services they performed while employed by a railroad or train company. In addition to helping track down medical documentation, as well as records regarding tasks and working conditions during railroad work, a qualified attorney could potentially connect claimants with medical experts who could assist their case.

The Basics of a FELA Claim

The Federal Employers Liability Act requires railroad companies to provide a reasonably safe working environment for all of their employees. This duty includes the provision of appropriate safety equipment and training, as well as the performance of regular maintenance and inspection of railroad property.

However, many railroad companies allowed their workers to perform job-related tasks in inherently unsafe environments over the years, leading to those workers being exposed to carcinogenic substances and, in many cases, developing serious illnesses later on. Accordingly, a FELA claim is built around an allegation that a railroad company failed to fulfill their duties as explained above, and that their failure was the direct cause of a current or former employee’s injuries. An injury, in this case, also includes any cancer diagnosis.

Through a successful railroad cancer lawsuit filed against an Ohio-based employer, a railroad worker dealing with cancer could potentially recover compensation for lost wages, various out-of-pocket medical expenses and other financial losses, physical pain and suffering, and lost enjoyment of life. Additional compensation might be available for losses experienced by surviving family members if a cancer diagnosis related to railroad work directly leads to a former worker’s premature death.

Ask a Qualified Attorney for Help with Filing an Ohio Railroad Cancer Lawsuit

Pursuing compensation through FELA for a railroad-related cancer diagnosis can be a lot more complex than filing a claim over a recent workplace accident. Evidence definitively linking a claimant’s current condition with their former responsibilities at work can be scarce. Compiling what evidence exists into a comprehensive demand for compensation can be next to impossible without a legal professional’s guidance.

Fortunately, help is available from a knowledgeable lawyer who has helped with filing railroad cancer lawsuits in Ohio successfully before. Call today for a consultation.

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