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New York Railroad Pipefitter Injury Lawyer

Pipefitting can be a challenging job no matter where the work is performed, but building, repairing, and maintaining piping in railyards is especially dangerous. In addition to the ever-present risk of an accident involving heavy construction equipment and materials, railroad pipefitters also have to deal with exposure to various hazardous substances that could make them seriously ill over time. Fortunately, if you sustained any kind of harm as a direct result of your work duties on a locomotive or in a railyard, you may be able to hold your employer accountable for ensuing losses with help from a railroad accident attorney. Once retained, your dedicated New York railroad pipefitter injury lawyer can explain your options and work tirelessly on your behalf to pursue the financial compensation you deserve.

Common Causes and Effects of Railroad Pipefitter Injuries

No matter what kind of work they are doing, it is crucial that everyone employed in the railroad industry is provided with the right gear, and receives sufficient training for each task they perform. Burns, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, and joint strains can all result from working in an unsafe environment.

Even if all safety guidelines are followed, railroad pipefitters are still at risk of serious injury from faults and malfunctions in the tools they use. A length of pipe falling from a crane, a forklift tipping over, or even an on-site motor vehicle accident could lead to serious injuries, including ones with permanent consequences like spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries.

Additionally, exposure to substances like silica dust, asbestos, and diesel engine fumes has been linked to various forms of cancer and other debilitating diseases, the symptoms of which may not show up until years after an impacted worker leaves the job that caused them to become ill. Regardless of the specific injury or illness a railroad pipefitter in New York sustains, a qualified attorney could help them take full advantage of their options for financial recovery.

Establishing Liability for a Railroad Pipefitting Accident

Just as railroad pipefitters have various responsibilities when it comes to maintaining workplace safety, their supervisors and employers also have a number of duties they owe to their employees. If a pipefitter gets hurt or sick because their employer did not maintain a safe workplace, did not provide appropriate training for the tasks they were expected to perform, or did not provide suitable tools or equipment, their employer could be considered negligent and therefore at fault for ensuing injuries.

Proving negligence is usually essential to getting compensation after any kind of railroad-related work accident. It is a requirement for pursuing a claim under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act, which covers railroad workers who get hurt or sick on the job. Through a successful FELA claim, a railroad pipefitter injury lawyer in New York could help an injured worker get compensation. Not just for economic damages like medical bills and lost income, but also various forms of non-economic “pain and suffering” that a serious injury or illness may cause.

Talk to a New York Railroad Pipefitter Injury Attorney Today

Getting hurt on the job can be financially crippling for a railroad pipefitter, particularly if their accident or illness leaves them with long-term complications that prevent them from working at full capacity. Even if you only sustain short-term losses from your injury, though, you should strongly consider seeking fair compensation from your employer for the harm you suffered.

A New York railroad pipefitter injury lawyer could provide the guidance and support you need to establish a strong claim under FELA. Call today to discuss your options.

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