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Railroad Foreman Injuries in New York

While railroad work is rewarding, it also carries significant risks of severe bodily injury. Railroad foremen are not immune to these risks. Each year, foremen in New York suffer serious injuries in collisions and other accidents. These accidents include anything from catastrophic injuries to exposure to hazardous chemicals. When these accidents happen due to employer negligence, federal law provides for compensation. If you have suffered railroad foreman injuries in New York, you could have the right to recover monetary compensation. However, your best chance for a successful claim rests with the guidance of a dedicated railroad injury lawyer. Your attorney could assist you through every stage of the claims process.

Common Injuries Among Railroad Foremen in New York

The railroad foreman or track foreman oversees workers as they construct, maintain, and repair railroad tracks. Given the amount of time these workers spend working on the rails, it should come as no surprise that severe injuries are common.

A foreman could suffer severe injuries from an impact with a moving train or other vehicles. This extreme trauma could cause anything from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. Other traumatic injuries could include joint damage, internal bleeding, or spinal damage.

A foreman could also face the possibility of repetitive stress injuries. These injuries, which include carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, occur when a worker makes the same repetitive physical motion over long periods of time.

Some injuries do not occur directly from an accident on the rails. In some cases, a foreman could also potentially aggravate an injury that pre-exists their time working for the railroad. If a pre-existing injury worsens due to a work injury, it could result in a claim for compensation.

Occupational Diseases Common Among Railroad Foremen

Not all injury claims result from physical trauma. Many railroad foremen suffer serious health consequences from occupational illnesses. Typically, these diseases occur as a result of exposure to harmful chemicals while on the job. This could include exposure to silica from workers operating ballast regulators. A foreman could also come into contact with asbestos or creosote which can result in a number of types of cancer, including mesothelioma.

Proving a FELA Claim

The Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) serves as the only option for injured railroad workers to pursue compensation. Unlike worker’s compensation systems, these are not no-fault claims.

In order to recover benefits on a FELA claim, an injured foreman must prove that the injury is related to their work on the railroad. Additionally, they must also establish that the negligence of their employer was responsible for the injuries.

There are a number of ways in which the negligence of a railroad company could result in a severe injury. Examples could include improperly training employees, failing to maintain train cars or other equipment, and operating without adequate manpower. Any of these factors could provide viable grounds for a FELA claim.

Speak with an Attorney About Railroad Foreman Injuries

Foreman injuries can change the trajectory of your life and your career. In some cases, these injuries are so severe you will be unable to return to your job. In this situation, it is imperative that you seek legal guidance right away.

The right attorney could advise you on your legal rights and assist you with a potential FELA claim. To learn more about your rights, schedule an initial consultation right away.

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