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New York Railroad Colon Cancer Lawyer

If you worked in the railroad industry and developed colon cancer, your disease could be connected with exposure to dangerous substances in the course of your employment. You may be entitled to substantial compensation if you can prove that connection. It is a good idea to talk to a New York railroad colon cancer lawyer to discuss your rights and legal options.  An experienced railroad injury attorney could help obtain the necessary evidence and represent your interests in and out of court. With the help of a seasoned lawyer, you may be eligible to recover compensation for all of your damages.

The Effects of Colon Cancer

When healthy cells in the colon develop mutations in their DNA, the mutated cells divide in an abnormal way and grow to form a tumor. An individual suffering from colon cancer often feels no symptoms initially. By the time symptoms appear, the exposure that led to the cancer may be many years in the past. Thus, railroad workers who have been retired for some time may be surprised to learn that their colon cancer is linked to working conditions during their years around trains and railroad rights-of-way.

As cancer cells continue to grow, they often invade and destroy healthy tissue throughout the body. Railroad workers who develop colon cancer frequently require surgery and chemotherapy, causing them to miss work. Radiation therapy may also be recommended. When the cancer has progressed or spread, treatment may prolong a worker’s life but will not cure the cancer.

Compensation for Damages Caused by Hazardous Working Conditions

A New York railroad colon cancer attorney could help an employee recover compensation to cover several different effects of the cancer on a worker’s life. These include economic losses as well as amounts to make up for intangible factors such as pain.

Compensation can allow a worker with colon cancer to receive the best available medical treatment, to make up for wages lost in the past and future, and to provide for added expenses such as a caregiver. Although no amount of money can make up for the anguish caused by cancer, amounts provided for suffering and other non-economic harm can provide a sense of justice and decrease worries for the future.

How Is Working on The Railroad Linked to Colon Cancer? 

Before a railroad worker may recover compensation for the consequences associated with colon cancer, it will be necessary to prove that the wrongdoing or negligence of the employer led to the cancerous condition. Many railroad employees were exposed to hazardous substances on a regular basis, and studies have shown that these substances are linked to an increased risk of developing colon cancer.

What are Common Hazards on Railroad?

Diesel exhaust full of toxic chemicals and asbestos used to insulate pipes in buildings and locomotives are two of the common sources of carcinogenic exposure. Railroad industry leaders were often aware of the risks posed by these substances but failed to take adequate precautions to protect workers. A diligent railroad colon cancer lawyer in New York could work to prove the connection between a worker’s cancer and the conditions of employment.

Consult a New York Railroad Colon Cancer Attorney Today

When an employer refuses to take the steps needed to protect workers from hazards on the job, that employer should be held liable for the consequences. If you or a loved one suffer from colon cancer and you currently or formerly worked in the railroad industry, you may be entitled to compensation under federal law.

A New York railroad colon cancer lawyer could review your case and investigate to determine whether a claim could help you receive compensation to cover your losses and provide for the future. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your case.

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