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Union Pacific Railroad Injury Lawyer

The Union Pacific Railroad Company operates trains along hundreds of routes, primarily in the western half of the United States, and employs thousands of workers nationwide, whose labor provides the company with billions of dollars in profits each year. Unfortunately, the company all too often fails to invest its revenue into ensuring safe working conditions for its employees, sometimes resulting in accidents and occupational illnesses with substantial long-term consequences. If you were hurt or became chronically ill due to unsafe working conditions you encountered while working on the Union Pacific Railroad, you should speak with a qualified FELA attorney about potential recovery options. Federal law may allow you to hold your employer financially accountable for the negative impact your accident or sickness has on your life. A Union Pacific Railroad injury lawyer could help you make the most of such a claim.

Causes and Effects of Union Pacific Railroad Accidents

There are several ways the Union Pacific Railroad Company’s negligence can and does result in serious on-the-job accidents across the U.S. The most common incidents stem from improper training or failure to enforce safety regulations, massive machinery malfunctions and defects that result in collisions, derailments, or an engine or railroad car striking someone working near the track. Depending on the circumstances, accidents of this nature can cause injuries with permanent and debilitating effects, including deep lacerations, bone fractures, traumatic brain and/or spine damage, crushing injuries that lead to limb amputation, suffering a heart attack or stroke, or simply dealing with lingering repetitive stress injuries after retiring.

In the same vein, exposure to toxic chemicals and other dangerous substances during railroad or railyard work can increase a worker’s risk of developing numerous forms of cancer.

If there is evidence that the company contributed to causing any such injury or illness, a Union Pacific railroad cancer lawyer could help pursue litigation against them and demand fair financial restitution.

Recovering Compensation Through a FELA Claim

Rather than only being able to recover for limited economic losses through state-level workers’ compensation systems, railroad workers injured on the job can potentially recover for their economic losses, as well as for the non-economic effects of their injuries through a lawsuit filed under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). However, while FELA does generally allow for greater recovery based on a broader assortment of damages, it also requires claimants to demonstrate negligence by their employer after any work-related injury in most cases.

Injured railroad workers have three years maximum after sustaining an injury or contracting an illness on the job to file a FELA claim, which is a much longer span of time than other types of workers have to pursue compensation. That said, it is generally still wise to contact a qualified lawyer as soon as possible after getting injured while working for the Union Pacific Railroad Company.

Contact a Union Pacific Railroad Injury Attorney Today

The Union Pacific Railroad has been in operation since 1862, and unfortunately, the decades that have passed since then have been characterized by countless life-altering injuries sustained by UPRR workers. Recovering comprehensively from harm like this can be challenging without guidance from a legal professional who has the skills necessary to build a compelling case in line with legal and procedural rules.

The help you may need is available from a diligent and dependable Union Pacific Railroad injury lawyer. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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