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Railroad Stroke Injury Lawyer

Railroad jobs always have been dangerous to the health of railroad workers. While safety measures have improved over the years, railroad workers of all types continue to suffer injuries and develop occupational diseases at much higher rates than many other industries. When you have suffered a stroke or cerebrovascular accident due to the negligence of your employer, a railroad stroke injury lawyer may be able to assist you. Accidents occur every day in the railroad industry, and workers often have continued exposure to toxic chemicals that can be highly damaging to their health, causing lung diseases, cancers, strokes, heart attacks, and more. Railroad workers also may develop repetitive stress injuries due to their highly physical work and develop severe medical conditions over time. Fortunately, a railroad injury lawyer may be able to help injured, or ill railroad workers seek compensation for their losses due to employer negligence.

Occupational Injuries and Illnesses in the Railroad Industry

Railroad workers often develop the same health problems, no matter their position in the field. For instance, constant exposure to diesel exhaust from locomotives and heavy machinery in confined areas can lead to lung diseases and some kinds of cancer. Likewise, most railroad workers suffer from some degree of exposure to toxic substances often found in trains, railroad buildings, and yards. Some of these dangerous chemicals may include:

What Are The Dangers Of Exposure to Chemicals on The Railroad?

Although some types of workers may have more exposure to specific chemicals, all railroad workers are exposed to these hazards, at least to some degree. Long-term exposure can lead to chronic breathing problems, cancers, pulmonary disease, and more. Due to the physical stresses of their jobs, workers may be more susceptible to heart attacks, strokes, and other devastating illnesses.

The physicality of railroad jobs and proximity to operational locomotives, train cars, and heavy equipment also can lead to catastrophic accidents. In addition to strokes, crush injuries, amputations of limbs, internal injuries, and broken bones all can result, as well as repetitive stress injuries from regularly performing specific tasks. When employers fail to keep workers safe, and they develop debilitating injuries and illnesses, consulting a railroad injury lawyer may be useful.

FELA Claims and Railroad Workers Injuries

Most employees who suffer injuries on the job or contract occupational illnesses have the safety net of state workers’ compensation claims to rely on for assistance. For injured or ill railroad workers, however, this form of relief is unavailable. Instead, railroad workers who have been injured or become sick due to working conditions must turn to the Federal Employers’ Liability Act or FELA for relief.

What Does FELA Provide For Railroad Employees?

FELA provides the exclusive means of compensation for injured railroad workers, from engineers and conductors to trackmen and welders. The significant difference between FELA claims and workers’ compensation claims is that FELA requires proof of negligence by the employer before the employee can obtain compensation. In other words, injured railroad workers must show that it was the negligence of their employers that led to their injuries or illnesses.

When railroad companies fail to provide workers with a reasonably safe place to work, they can be liable for the costs of the ensuing injuries or illnesses. Compensation under FELA may cover the expenses of medical care, lost wages, loss of future income due to permanent disability, pain and suffering, and more

Contact a Railroad Stroke Injury Attorney for Advice

FELA and other federal laws require railroad companies to establish and implement various protocols and standards to keep workers safe. When railroad employers are negligent in protecting their employees and providing them with a safe work environment, they may be responsible for the costs of resulting injuries and illnesses. A railroad stroke injury lawyer can be an asset to injured workers seeking compensation for their losses.

All too often, railroad workers do not have the safety gear that they need, do not receive proper warnings about their health risks, and are forced to engage in unsafe practices. Not only can injured workers get the compensation that they need, but they may be able to hold their employers accountable for their negligence. There are important time deadlines that you should be aware of in bringing a claim and only an experienced FELA attorney can help you navigate those deadlines. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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