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Pennsylvania Railroad Creosote Lawyer

Throughout Pennsylvania, workers in the railroad industry have been exposed to the hazards of creosote for years. Often, their employers refused to put protective measures into place and now these workers are suffering from cancer and other devastating illnesses. A Pennsylvania railroad creosote lawyer may be able to help you and your family receive compensation to offset your losses if you were diagnosed with cancer or a different serious ailment caused by creosote exposure. Contact a dedicated railroad injury lawyer who can fight for your rights and help you recover fair damages if the negligence of a railroad employer has cost you your health and reduced your future potential.

Railroad Creosote Lawyer | Fighting for Clients Injured in the Railroad Industry

Coal-tar creosote was developed in the 19th Century to preserve timber from rot, insect damage, and other deteriorating factors. It was adopted by the railroad industry primarily for use in treating railroad ties. Wood treated with creosote does not need to be replaced as often as untreated wood, thus saving railroad companies significant money.

Although creosote is no longer available to consumers due to health risks posed by this toxic substance, it is still used in industrial applications, including railroads. Workers who lay tracks, make repairs, or maintain rights of way may be exposed to creosote.

Of course, workers who treat the wood used in railroad ties are also exposed to this hazardous preservative and may inhale fumes, absorb the substance through the skin, and even ingest it. A dedicated Pennsylvania creosote attorney could collect evidence to show how a worker’s job duties resulted in frequent exposure to creosote.

Creosote Hazards

Creosote has been linked to many health problems, including cancer. Employees in the railroad industry may be at risk due to long-term exposure to relatively small amounts, or brief contact with large concentrations of creosote.

A railroad creosote lawyer in Pennsylvania could present evidence to show the causation between a worker’s creosote exposure and medical conditions such as:

  • Skin cancer
  • Eye damage
  • Chemical burns
  • Kidney damage
  • Liver problems
  • Damage to the respiratory tract
  • Other types of cancer

Exposure to creosote has been reported to even lead to convulsions and death in some cases, according to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry of the Centers for Disease Control.

How Can Pennsylvania Railroad Workers Recover Compensation for Damages?

Workers in the railroad industry may be eligible to receive compensation to offset the harmful effects of creosote. Unlike employees in other industries in Pennsylvania who can recover through workers’ compensation, railroad employees must file a claim under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act or FELA.

To receive compensation through a FELA claim, an injured worker must demonstrate that the employer’s negligence caused the illness or injury suffered. Once this showing has been made, an employee could receive compensation to cover intangible effects such as emotional anguish and pain, as well as monetary losses such as medical expenses and lost income due to time off work.

Compensation for future needs may be provided as well.

Contact a Pennsylvania Railroad Creosote Attorney

When employers fail to provide reasonable protection for their employees, it is only fair to hold them accountable for the harm that results. Working with a Pennsylvania railroad creosote lawyer to seek compensation for cancer or other injuries caused by job exposure sends a message that an employer’s negligence will not be tolerated. Compensation will not restore your lost health, but it provides a measure of justice and can help you and your family move forward. Discuss your legal options today.

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