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Ohio Conductor Injury Lawyer

Whether it is hauling cargo, livestock, passengers, or anything else under the sun, no railroad operation can run effectively without skilled conductors coordinating the day’s work. Train conductors are at high risk of suffering serious injuries if they get involved in a workplace accident, as well as debilitating long-term harm from the substances and working conditions they are exposed to. Fortunately, you may have grounds to seek financial compensation for any injury or illness you sustain as a direct result of your work as a railroad conductor, and a seasoned railroad accident attorney could help you make the most of that situation. With guidance and support from an Ohio conductor injury lawyer, you could rest assured that your future financial security and personal prospects are in the best hands possible.

Available Damages for Conductors Hurt on the Job

Most workers in Ohio are covered by state workers’ compensation laws, which hold their employers automatically liable for workplace injuries but only allow injured workers to recover for certain economic losses stemming from those incidents. Train conductors and other railroad workers are protected in the event of workplace accidents by the Federal Employer’s Liability Act.

FELA claims more resemble traditional personal injury lawsuits than workers’ comp claims, since railroad employers are only liable for on-the-job injuries if their negligence contributed to causing the injury in question. If an injured railroad worker can prove negligence by their employer, though, they can recover not just for economic damages like lost wages, lost benefits, and medical expenses, but also various forms of non-economic pain and suffering.

An Ohio conductor injury attorney could provide crucial assistance with constructing and presenting a case against a negligent employer on behalf of an injured train conductor. Representation from skilled legal counsel could also be key to contesting allegations that an injured conductor was partially to blame for their own damages, as they could significantly inhibit available compensation if upheld.

Could Chronic Illness Justify a FELA Claim?

Train conductors may sustain any number of different physical injuries in the course of their employment, from comparatively minor damage like broken bones and ligament strains to life-altering losses like spinal cord damage and limb amputation. In addition to injuries stemming from specific accidents, though, a conductor injury lawyer in Ohio could also help file a FELA claim over repetitive motion injuries and chronic illnesses caused by railroad work.

Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow can be debilitating if they stem from long hours performing the same physical motions repeatedly at work. In the same vein, long-term exposure to diesel engine exhaust, asbestos, silica dust, and various other substances common to railroad work has been linked to the development of mesothelioma and various other malignant cancers. These and other similar illnesses could serve as grounds for a FELA case just as much as a one-off injury, if they were related to an employer’s reckless or careless actions.

Talk to an Ohio Conductor Injury Attorney Today

If you sustained severe harm because of your work as a railroad conductor, you may have many questions about your options for financial recovery. Before trying to pursue any kind of claim yourself, you should strongly consider reaching out to a dedicated legal professional with experience helping workers like you through similar situations.

A knowledgeable Ohio conductor injury lawyer could be the ally you need to achieve the case result you deserve. Call today.

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