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Railroad Welder Injuries in New York

The work of a welder is dangerous under any circumstances. Combining that work with the risks that are common to the railroad industry can result in serious injuries. The hazards vary from severe burns to exposure to hazardous metals or other chemicals. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to anything from severe burns to forms of cancer. Working in an industry notorious for safety hazards is no excuse for a preventable injury. While railroad welders might be more susceptible to injury than many other professions, there are avenues to recover compensation for these injuries. An experienced railroad injury lawyer could evaluate these injuries and collect the evidence needed to pursue a claim for compensation.

Common Types of Railroad Welder Injuries in New York

Every railroad employee faces the potential of injury or illness due to their line of work. Additionally, welders face risks that are unique to their trade. The hazards that welders face are significant, and an injury can have life-altering consequences.

Many railroad injuries involve a significant impact. These injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, broken bones, lacerations, amputation, and spinal cord injuries. When an injury occurs during the scope of a welder’s employment, they could be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation.

Occupational Illnesses Among Railroad Welders

Not all hazards are directly related to physical injury. One of the major hazards facing railroad welders involves occupational illnesses. The act of manual electric arc welding produces toxic fumes that are hazardous on its own. Combined with the toxic chemicals used elsewhere in the railroad industry, welders risk illness from inhaling these fumes.

Over time, exposure to these harsh fumes can cause a number of ailments, including lung cancer or occupational lung disease. The longer the exposure to these fumes, the higher the risk of an occupational illness.

Railroads are in constant need of welders. From repairing tracks to fusing metal pieces in order to repair an engine, many welders face a steady stream of harmful fumes over the course of their careers. These risks are only magnified when a welder’s working conditions are poorly ventilated.

Benefits for Welders under the Federal Employers Liability Act

Railroad workers, including welders, are covered by the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). This act provides railroad workers with the opportunity to pursue a claim for compensation for work-related injuries. The vast majority of injuries and occupational illnesses involving railroad welders are covered under FELA.

There are a number of potential benefits for a successful FELA claim. These benefits include disability compensation for workers that are unable to return to work following an injury. Successful claims could also recoup benefits for pain, suffering, emotional distress, or lost wages, among other things.

Talk to an Attorney About Railroad Welder Injuries in New York

During the FELA claims process, your attorney can take on virtually every aspect of the process. This includes not only filing your claim but advocating on your behalf as well. All communication from the employer will go through your attorney instead of to you.

If you have questions about pursuing compensation for railroad-related injuries, you could obtain the answers you need with a consultation with an attorney. Call right away to discuss your railroad welder injuries with an attorney in New York.

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