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New York Railroad Brakeman Injury Lawyer

In the early days of railroad transit in the United States, perhaps no single job in the entire industry was more dangerous than that of the railroad brakeman responsible for manually coupling, uncoupling, and operating the brakes on individual train cars. While technological advancements and modern safety measures have reduced the risk of injury for all types of railroad workers, brakemen working in railyards are still at significant risk of serious harm stemming from the nature of their employment. If you are a brakeman who got hurt in a work-related accident or became ill because of work-related conditions, a seasoned railroad accident attorney could help you determine whether some form of negligence on your employer’s part contributed to the damages you suffered. If so, a dedicated New York railroad brakeman injury lawyer could work on your behalf to demand fair financial restitution under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act.

How Do Railroad Brakemen Get Hurt on the Job?

Brakemen who throw track switches and help with hitching cars together in railyards may suffer blunt-force trauma from unsecured train cars, falling debris or cargo, malfunctioning equipment or tools, or simply a lack of appropriate personal protective equipment. Brakemen may also be injured from getting on or off moving equipment (GOOME), or from slips, trips, and falls. Railyards are notorious for the long-term health hazards associated with exposure to toxic substances like fumes from disease engines and asbestos from older fireproofing materials.

No matter what circumstances led to a particular injury or illness, a New York railroad brakeman injury attorney could provide crucial help to any injured railroad worker looking to recover compensation.

Damages Recoverable Through a FELA Claim

Because the Federal Employer’s Liability Act does not hold railroad employers automatically liable for accidents like traditional workers’ compensation laws would, railroad brakemen who get hurt or sick on the job must prove that some form of negligence by their employer was at least partially responsible for causing their accident or illness. If they can do so, however, they can recover for the full value of all their ensuing damages, whereas a workers’ comp claimant would be limited to certain economic losses.

Among other things, a knowledgeable railroad brakeman injury lawyer in New York could help seek financial restitution for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and/or benefits from work
  • Lost capacity to earn income in the future
  • Physical and emotional pain

Talk to a New York Railroad Brakeman Injury Attorney Today

Although they no longer fill the exact same roles that they once did, brakemen are still a critical component of any railroad operation. Unfortunately, working in this job can still lead to serious illnesses and injuries, the risk of which can be exacerbated by employer negligence.

Getting the most out of a FELA claim could be much easier with assistance from a New York railroad brakeman injury lawyer. Schedule a consultation by calling today.

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