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Amtrak Worker Injury Lawyer

Amtrak is one of the biggest railroad employers in the United States. Unfortunately, Amtrak does not always take appropriate action to protect its employees from suffering avoidable harm on the job. Amtrak workers often suffer worker-related traumatic injuries or develop occupational cancer as a result of unsafe working conditions. If you suffered harm that is related to your current or former employment with Amtrak, you may have grounds to file suit under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) with guidance from an experienced railroad injury attorney. Throughout the claims process, your Amtrak worker injury lawyer will make sure you understand all your rights and have the support you need to secure the necessary compensation.

Is Amtrak Liable for Work-Related Injuries? Ask a Lawyer from Doran & Murphy.

Most people who get injured at work are covered by state-level workers’ compensation systems. These impose automatic liability on employers for medical expenses, a portion of lost wages, and certain other losses suffered by their employees because of work-related injuries. However, railroad workers are not subject to these state laws. Instead, Amtrak workers are covered under FELA, which was enacted over a century ago to address the inherent dangers of work in the railroad industry.

FELA differs substantially from traditional workers’ compensation in that it does not hold railroad employers automatically liable for losses their employees sustain from on-the-job injuries. However, if an injured railroad worker can prove their employer was negligent in any way that contributed to causing them harm, they can hold that employer liable for the full value of all their ensuing damages. This includes more than just specific economic losses.

There are numerous other unique elements and requirements for FELA claims that can be challenging to navigate alone, especially when going up against a company as large as Amtrak. Guidance from an Amtrak workplace injury attorney can be vital to improving an injured railroad worker’s chances of securing a favorable recovery.

Recovering for All Available Damages

Various economic and non-economic forms of harm can be factored into a claim against Amtrak pursued under the FELA. As for economic damages, all medical bills related to the accident—as well as related expenses, like costs of travel to and from doctors’ appointments—are compensable, as well as lost income due to time missed from work and lost earning capacity due to a long lasting or permanent disability.

As for non-economic damages, both physical and psychological pain and suffering can be factored into a claim, as can the diminishment of overall quality of life. A qualified lawyer could explain in further detail during a free private consultation about what damages Amtrak might be liable for after a specific worker injury.

Speak with an Amtrak Worker Injury Attorney Today

While Amtrak can be liable to pay for the damages that a work-related injury or occupational cancer cause, it will most likely vigorously fight a claim and try to avoid liability. If you want to obtain the compensation you are entitled to under the Federal Employers Liability Act, representation from a skilled and experienced legal professional is the best way forward.

A conversation with an Amtrak worker injury lawyer could offer you clarity and confidence about the next steps you should take toward financial recovery. Call Doran & Murphy, PLLC today to schedule a meeting.

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