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Metro-North Railroad Cancer Lawyer

Railroad workers are, unfortunately, frequently exposed to toxic chemicals on the job. These can include diesel exhaust, diesel fumes, asbestos, solvents, creosote, and more. That said, if you have developed cancer as a railroad worker, you’re most likely seeking financial compensation. Contact a dedicated Metro-North railroad cancer lawyer from Doran & Murphy to learn how we can help you fight for the compensation you need to heal.

Railroad Worker Cancer Lawyer | Here for Metro-North Workers

Railroad workers are among the most diligent members of the workforce, and when they’re injured on the job or develop a work-related illness, they deserve to be adequately compensated. Fortunately, if you’re reading this, you are in the right place. Doran & Murphy is a law firm dedicated to injured railroad workers throughout the country, and we are here to effectively represent you as well.

Cases We Handle

Doran & Murphy is here to help railroad workers who’ve developed the following types of cancer, among others, due to work-related conditions:

Recovering Compensation

A railroad worker with cancer may be able to recover compensation for various damages in a FELA claim. This can include the following:

Medical expenses, such as past and future costs of diagnosis, treatment, medication, surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitation for cancer and related conditions.
Lost wages, such as past and future income that the worker lost or will lose due to being unable to work because of cancer and its effects.
Pain and suffering, which includes physical and emotional distress that the worker experienced or will experience due to cancer and its impact on their quality of life.

The amount of compensation that a railroad worker with cancer may receive depends on various factors, such as the type and severity of cancer, the extent and duration of exposure to harmful substances, the degree of negligence or fault of the employer, the impact of cancer on the worker’s life and livelihood, and the availability of evidence and witnesses. A seasoned Metro-North railroad cancer lawyer can help evaluate the merits of a case and estimate the potential value of a claim.

Time Limits On Filing Your Claim

If you are a railroad worker who has been injured on the job, you may be wondering how long you have to file a FELA claim. FELA stands for Federal Employers Liability Act, a law that protects railroad workers from unsafe working conditions and allows them to sue their employers for damages. Unlike workers’ compensation claims, FELA claims require you to prove that your employer was negligent or at fault for your injury. The statute of limitations for FELA claims is, generally, three years from the date of your injury. However, if you have developed cancer due to long-term exposure to harmful chemicals, you will have three years from the date you discovered (or should have discovered) your cancer and its relationship to your occupational exposures.

Contact a Metro-North Cancer Lawyer Today

Don’t let time run out on your FELA claim. If you’ve developed cancer while working on the railroad, contact a railroad worker injury lawyer today. Doran & Murphy is here to fight for you, every step of the way. Our consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by reaching out.

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