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Pennsylvania Railroad Laborer Injury Lawyer

In railyards across Pennsylvania, laborers play an essential role in ensuring the safe operation and movement of locomotives. Unfortunately, despite numerous advances in technology and safety equipment that have greatly reduced the rate of injuries sustained by railroad workers, people who perform this job are still at risk of sustaining long-term due to various conditions they face. If you suffered a serious injury in an accident, contracted an illness due to exposure to hazardous materials, or developed chronic pain through years of repetitive motions on the job, you should speak with a Pennsylvania railroad laborer injury lawyer about possible grounds for financial recovery. Through a comprehensive FELA claim with assistance from a qualified train injury attorney, you could potentially hold your current or former employer responsible for every form of harm their negligence led you to experience.

Potential Grounds for a Laborer Injury Claim

In decades past, working on a railroad was an immensely dangerous career path, resulting in countless catastrophic and fatal injuries each and every year. While the job of a modern railroad laborer is significantly less hazardous, the companies that employ those laborers still have a duty to provide the safest working environment for them that is reasonably possible to maintain.

Accordingly, justification for financial recovery falls under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), which is the rough equivalent of a workers’ compensation system for railroad workers. It stems from an employer failing to provide reasonably safe working conditions and an employer sustaining injury or illness due to that misconduct. Depending on the circumstances, a railroad laborer injury claim in Pennsylvania could be justified by an employer not hiring qualified employees or not providing proper training for job-related duties, not ensuring workers had access to functioning safety equipment, or failing to establish or enforce rules of railyard operation to maximize employee safety.

Recoverable Damages Under FELA

Fortunately, because FELA claimants must prove negligence by their former or current employer in order to recover compensation, they are not restricted in terms of what types of damages they may seek compensation for. In other words, it is possible for injured railroad laborers to demand restitution for the full value of their economic and non-economic losses, as well as for damages that are likely to occur in the future.

Specific losses that a railroad laborer injury lawyer in Pennsylvania could potentially help factor into a comprehensive claim include:

  • All medical expenses, including costs of rehabilitative therapy
  • Past and future losses of wages and/or earning capacity
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Lost consortium

Importantly, the statutory filing period for cases of this nature is three years in length. It starts from either the date of a workplace accident or from the date a claimant discovers that they developed a chronic injury or illness due to a railroad employer’s negligence.

Discuss Recovery Options with a Pennsylvania Railroad Laborer Injury Attorney

Even if you have extensive evidence that your employer’s misconduct contributed to the harm you suffered as a railroad laborer, successfully obtaining restitution for all your recoverable losses can be a difficult task. If there are any questions about who is to blame for your condition, your chances of a positive case resolution decrease if you try to pursue your claim without professional legal guidance.

Retaining a Pennsylvania railroad laborer injury lawyer should be a priority for any former or current worker looking to enforce their right to recovery under FELA. Call today for a private consultation.

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