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Long Island Railroad Worker Injury Lawyer

Since it first began operating in 1834, the Long Island Rail Road employed thousands of workers on its way to becoming the single busiest commuter rail system in the United States. Unfortunately, operations this large often have many opportunities for unsafe work practices to cause accidents that may have massive consequences for workers. In turn, these workers often have trouble getting the compensation they deserve from their employers. If negligence by LIRR or anyone affiliated with this company led to you suffering a serious work-related injury or occupational cancer, you should discuss your options for financial recovery with a Long Island railroad worker injury lawyer. With our firm’s assistance, you will have far better chances of securing full and fair compensation than you would ever have on your own.

Railroad Worker Injury Lawyer | Here for Clients in Long Island

Railroad workers who’ve been hurt on the job need a competent Long Island railroad worker injury lawyer they can depend on.

Common Causes of Long Island Railroad Injuries and Illnesses

While railroad work is certainly less dangerous today than it was at the turn of the 20th Century, workers in this industry are still at risk of serious harm nearly every day no matter what specific position they hold. Negligent maintenance and inspection practices, lack of training, and simple recklessness or carelessness can lead to trains colliding or derailing, potentially injuring hundreds of passengers in addition to the workers onboard.

However, most on-the-job injuries suffered by Long Island Rail Road workers occur under much more mundane circumstances, such as:

Lack of proper safety equipment can sometimes lead to injuries occurring under circumstances where they otherwise would not have.

Additionally, long-term exposure to substances like diesel exhaust, asbestos, silica dust, and industrial solvents can turn into life-altering and even life-threatening illnesses. A Long Island Rail Road worker injury attorney can help demand financial compensation for losses related to any of these conditions.

When is LIRR Liable for Injuries?

Rather than state-level workers’ compensation systems, railroad workers across the country are covered by the Federal Employers Liability Act in the event of work-related illnesses or injuries. Often referred to as the “FELA” for short, this federal law effectively gives railroad workers the right to file suit against their employers if any form of negligence by their employer contributes to them getting hurt on the job.

A railroad worker can recover both economic and non-economic damages through this sort of claim, including past and future medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, and psychological/emotional trauma. A consultation with a railroad injury lawyer could offer more specific guidance about what losses the Long Island Rail Road might be liable to pay for in the event of an injury or occupational illness.

Discuss How a Long Island Rail Road Worker Injury Attorney Could Help

Getting hurt while working for any railroad company can make for a complicated recovery process, especially if your injury will have long-lasting consequences. If you want to compel an organization as large as LIRR to pay you what you deserve for your work-related damages, you may have a difficult time getting fair compensation without professional support.

Working with a Long Island Rail Road worker injury lawyer might be the key to protecting your best interests now and into the future. Learn more by calling Doran & Murphy, PLLC today.

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